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My bikes always look great thanks to Moto Efx graphics, but this week they got crazy with my moto van.  I went to get my van wrapped and it was so cool to see it change from a basic black van to a custom CROSS71 – moto van.


Not only does the van look amazing driving down the road, but you have to see it in person.  The van has several different ghost pictures in the background that really pops out in the sun.


The best part of the whole thing is that it has me on all three sides.  🙂


It has ghost skulls in the background, some ghost MotoEfx logos, and it looks like I am jumping in motion.  In this picture you can see part of the ghost skull and me in motion.


If you have your own designs and logos or if you are looking for something new and different, Moto Efx will give you what you are looking for.  I like that the dirt bike kits they do look different and really stand out on the track.  Moto Efx likes to create new and different graphics with crazy designs and colors.

Make sure you contact Moto Efx for information on your dirt bike kits and vehicle wraps.


Thank you Carlos with 51 Fifty Energy Drink and Larry from Moto Efx for the awesome bikes and now the awesome moto van!


This last week Supercross riders came to my home town.  On Friday night I went to Mach 1 Motorsports to see some of the riders up close.  I first got to see Ryan Dungey and I brought an old picture for him to sign for me.  The picture was from my first trip to Washougal, Washington to race when I had my “bicycle accident” and Ryan Dungey gave me his signed gloves. (If you forgot about “the accident”, you can see some information at CLEARED TO RACE post I did after the accident.)  Ryan Dungey loved the pictures and Ryan and  Ken Roczen kept asking me a ton of questions…it was really cool.


I got a couple pictures of Dungey checking out the picture before he signed it and of Roczen….also had Justin Brayton sign it as well because he was also at the signing.   They had a lot of other riders that I also had sign stuff like Josh Grant.  It was totally cool, thank you Mach 1.


The next day was the big show in Oakland and my whole family had so much fun!


I got to hang out with the 51 Fifty Energy Drink / Moto Efx riders and we had a lot of fun!  It was really nice to be able to cheer them on in person and watch them ride live.  Joe from 51 Fifty hooked the family up with lots of cool stuff and we all got some very nice sweat shirts…..which we really needed because it was FREEZING.  Thank you Joe, Carlos and 51 Fifty Energy Drinks.


Moto Efx did an awesome job on the graphics on the bikes.  Larry did something that made the graphics reflective under the lights that was totally awesome.


Had a great time and I have a lot more to tell you about, but you will have to wait…….  Check back soon to see who I interviewed while I was at the races, YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IT.

After New Years I went to Los Angeles to do a little practicing and to go to A1 for the Supercross race.

20130109-074041.jpg20130109-074051.jpg20130109-074110.jpg I went to some of the race tracks that I have been to before like Milestone, Perris and Pala and I also went to The Ranch for the first time. The track was really fun but it was super, super cold and very, very windy. The track had some sandy parts and was a fast track with a few big jumps.


My Mom took this picture of me that I thought looked really cool, but….maybe someone can teach her how to set her camera up so she can take pictures at night. Lol


Supercross was sooo much fun! I saw a lot of my friends there and the races were awesome because all of the big names were back from injury and ready for battle. With so many great riders on the line, a lot of people were surprised with many of the finishes.


I got to hangout in the 51 Fifty Energy Drink Pitts and all of the guys were awesome.  Joe hooked me up with a lot of products….Thank you Carlos, Joe and 51 Fifty!…..especially the 51 Fifty girls!


  Moto Efx did an awesome job on the graphics for the bikes. They used reflective stickers they look 3D…so cool.


Lufo’s Kustom Designs hand painted all the helmets that also popped in the lights…he does amazing work.


The boys looked amazing and were ready to go racing. They had really great qualifying times and were riding really great but with a couple bad starts and a bad crash they were unable to make it out of the LCQ….look for them to make some noise in Phoenix.

Chris Plouffe


Scott Champion


Last week it rained a lot, but the weather was clear for the weekend.  Saturday’s practice was kind of a mess, but Sunday got better.  Oatfield had practice on Saturday and we went to do some riding.  When we got to Turlock it didn’t look good…… We couldn’t see the track because the fog was everywhere.


It took several hours for the sun to come out and we could see the track.  Once the track was clear we saw that they had cut off a few sections of the track because of the mud from the rain and other sections of the track was really thick.   I had to wait until they let the kids on the track and then I was ready to go.


The track was not very good, but it was good practice and I rode well.  Everyone at the track was not happy with the conditions, and most of the kids left early.  We finished our practice and headed home to wash all the mud off the bikes.

On Sunday I went riding at MMX, I was able to ride the main track and the sand track all day.  I got there first thing in the morning and I was able to ride a couple of hours with the big bikes and we had a lot of fun battling.

mmx12.7.12 013mmx12.7.12 015mmx12.7.12 016

During my brakes I passed out some 51 Fifty Energy Drinks and flyers from 51 Fifty and Moto Efx Graphics.  All of the guys loved the drink and they were ready to keep riding.


It was really cool that the Lawrence family came all the way to Marysville to watch me ride.  The whole family and the Moto Efx Team are amazing and the really care about the sport and the riders.  Thank you guys for coming out in the cold, you guys rock!


A couple more pictures of my day of riding.

mmx12.7.12 122mmx12.7.12 062mmx12.7.12 040

Don’t forget to go to to Live The Madness 


Moto Efx for graphics at ….. contact them now to get the Christmas discount.

OK, so I know that we decided I wasn’t going to be a singer and I should stick to dirt bikes after my last song HUNTER CROSS CRAZY ABOUT 51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINK……but I decided I should try a second music video.

Now that I have made two music videos I am wondering if I should have a cool name like the guys on the radio…..What do you think my name should be?

  • 71 CENT
  • ????????

This second music video is my take on the LMFAO song that works great with my dirt bikes.

At the end of the week I went back to Sacramento to be with my team and watch everyone race. It was really hard to watch my class race and not be on the track.


When our teams pro riders were ready to go out to race i got to wear the headset and communicate with the team.


After they raced the guys and I hung out…and they even let me drive…..I don’t know what they were thinking.  lol  we all had so much fun!


After the races were over they had a fashion show. I walked in the fashion show and handed out energy drinks. The announcer interviewed me…. He asked me if I drove the 51 Fifty Semi-truck to the track and I told him I did. Lol. I walked down the runway and I handed out a couple of energy drinks at the end. Of course I rocked it! (I had a video I was going to share with you but everyone was screaming so load for me, you can’t hear it very well.   🙂 )


I was really sad that I couldn’t ride on the track, it looked really good!  The team made everything soooo much fun we did a lot of really fun team things.


My Dad bought me a Cyco Cycle….It was really fun and I even learned a couple of tricks on it.  It was really cool because I could ride it without any hands.  My Mom was not happy, she thinks it is sketchy.


The guys on the team all did really good.  I had a ton of fun watching them and cheering for them during the races.  Good job guys!


I had fun hanging out with some of my other sponsors also, Larry and Dave from Moto Efx.  I love hanging out with those guys….and I love when they get me cool new graphics, because my bikes always look sick!   Call 209-649-5394 or check out the website at


While I was there and I also met Paul with Lufo’s Kustom Designs….he paints helmets and they look amazing.  He uses crazy paint that looks amazing in the sun and he even uses reflective numbers or designs that will glow in the dark or when the camera flashes….it is so cool!

Call Paul at LUFO’S KUSTOM DESIGNS 831-901-6585

The whole 51 Fifty Energy team was amazing!  Michael was so much fun…..I got to do some work around the tent and help out the team which was really cool.  It was nice to see how the system works and how things in the rig works.  Thank you Michael for letting me work with you!




This last weekend was the start of the Dodge National Race in Sacramento….which I can’t race in because of my wrist. 😦
I am excited that my 51 FIFTY team has still let me take part in the week long event. Sunday I took my bike to the track and as a team the bikes all got make overs.


Sunday was move in day for all the riders and the lot was getting full fast. The 51 FIFTY rig looked awesome and I was very excited to see my bike under the tent.


We are all sporting some very cool red and white graphics and all the bikes on the team now match. I love the new colors and design and can’t wait to see it on the track. It was really hard working on my bike with only my left hand but we all worked together and it came out awesome.


After we worked on bikes, we got to hang out and relax for a little.


Then we put all the bikes upstairs in the hauler. It is really cool to see my bike up away with the pro bikes…..hoping to be on one of the pro bikes one day.


Thank you Larry from Moto Efx for the cool graphics, you did great….as usual.


Thank you Micheal from 51 FIFTY for letting me be a part of Dodge even though I am not riding. You always make me feel welcome and I really appreciate everything you do for me.


Later this week I will be back at the track not riding, but supporting my team. Check back later for the behind the scene look at Dodge from a spectator instead of a rider this year.


With the help of my family and friends I had made it to Tennessee, Carlos from 51 FIFTY helped us with our bike, Larry with Moto Efx created some totally cool graphics and Matt from BOSS worked on my suspension… bike was ready to ride!

The Championship race at Loretta Lynn’s is the Olympics for dirt bike racers. You have to qualify through multiple races to earn a spot in the main event in Tennessee. Kids qualify from all over the world including Japan, Australia, and Brazil. Each class has only 43 kids that earn spots to the event. All of the races were really fun to watch because we get to see people from other states around the world and everyone is really fast.

I am not sure how we did it, but with people parked miles from the track…. We got the best spot in the place. We parked right behind the mechanics area in view of the starting gate and most of the track. Our spot was the place most people went to watch the races which was perfect because it gave me a chance to promote my sponsors a little.


My first day on the track was for one 20 minute practice session. When we got to the track in the morning we were a little sad that it was raining. It is difficult to get a good practice on a track that is all muddy and messy.

My practice didn’t go to well…I fell a couple of times and most of the jumps were too wet for anyone to hit. I was defiantly at a disadvantage with most of the kids in my class. Out of the 43 riders in my class 38 of them are a year older than I am, and they have been to the race in previous years and they had the advantage of already knowing the track. Although I was hoping for a better practice I couldn’t wait for the next day to race.


After practice. We went back to our hotel, washed my bike, and I helped my Dad change the oil.

The first race of the week each rider picks a number and that is the order we pick our starting spot. I was really lucky and I picked number 3 so I had a really good pick.


When the gate dropped I was ready to go. I was able to be the first person out of the gate and I got the hole shot. I couldn’t believe that I got such a great start… was totally cool. Both because I wasn’t completely comfortable on the track and my bike didn’t turn as well as some of the other kids bikes, I fell back a little but was able to pull off a 9th place finish. It was soooooo hot and I am not used to riding in that much heat for a 20 minute race. When I came around to get the checkered flag, I cleared the jump before the finish but when I landed my hand slipped off the handlebar and I went flying. I was thrown through the finish line and my bike flipped through it as well. So I finished in 9th place but I wasn’t even on my bike when I crossed the finish line. Lol

Because I finished in the top 10 I had to go to the leaders tent after the race. I also got to go on the podium because I got the hole shot and I won a $100 from the Motorcycle Superstore.


It was really cool to get on the podium at Loretta’s and have a chance to thank all of my sponsors.


The next day was my second race and it was the last race of the day. The track was super rough and the weather started to change. It was still super hot, but the wind came up a little and the rain was expected at any time. I was hoping I would be able to finish my race before it started raining. I had another good start and I had some really good battles and made some hard passes. Towards the last 3laps of my race I started seeing lightning coming down on the track. It never rained but it was really strange to be riding and seeing huge flashes of light. I was able to finish the race with a 10th place and be under the top 10 tent for a second time.


Michael from 51 FIFTY Energy Drink flew into Tennessee and was there to watch me ride my last race. Before my race Michael and I got to hang out and have some fun watching the races. He even introduced me to other riders and we got to talk about the track.


Ten minutes before my last race I was getting dressed to race and out of nowhere a huge tree fell in our pit area. Luckily we were getting ready to race and not sitting in our chairs. The tree destroyed our easy up and bent the handlebars on my bike. My Dad didn’t have enough time to change my bars so I had to race with them bent. It was so crazy that the tree fell, and I am so happy that no one was hurt.

In my last race I again got a good start, I had to make a couple hard passes and was able to finish in 9th place…..which gave me a 9th place overall finish. Three races, three times in the tent and a top 10 finish….I was pretty happy with that for my first time there. From race one to the final race I increased my lap times by 10 seconds and kept improving on different sections of the track. I can’t wait to improve on what I learned this year at next years race.

After my last race Michael took me to the river to get cooled off….it felt so good!

Thank you Michael for all your support….you and the 51 FIFTY TEAM ROCK!

After all the races we went back to the Loretta Lynn pavilion for the awards ceremony. I was really excited to be able to make it to the awards ceremony and be in the top 10 (1 percent) of racers that make it to the event.



This weekend was the pro outdoor race in Sacramento……Hangtown National.  I raced the amateur day on the National track the day before the pros raced.  Before the race Moto Efx hooked me up with my new graphics and they looked so sick.


I was racing the 65cc ages 6-11.  I was really excited to race and while we were getting ready to get on the track, we were watching the pro riders come in and check out the track.  It was really cool to race and have the pro’s watch us.  We saw riders like Stewart and Alessi and while I was on the line to race, Mike Alessi came down and he gave all of us a high-five, wished us luck and gave us all advice about the race.

In the first 65 race I started towards the front and as I was completing the first lap I was working on making a pass for the lead…..when I fell down.  I rushed to get back up and was pushed all the way back to seventh place.  I had to ride really hard to try to race back to the front.  I thought I was going to be able to get back into second place, but I ran out of laps and I finished the first race in 3rd place.

In the second race the track was really rough and it was so fun.  I was able to get the hole shot and I was in the lead.  On the third lap I came out of a turn to hit a double and my back tire was hopping over the bumps so hard that I couldn’t get any traction leading up to the jump and I didn’t have enough speed and crashed really hard.  I got up fast and was able to get back to second place……I finished the day in 2nd place overall.  I really wanted to finish in first, but falling twice and finishing in second was not too bad……I really have to work on not falling!


We got up early and headed back to the track for day two and to watch the Pros race.  The place was packed and all the riders were there….we even saw Ryan Villapoto who was there to watch the races.

The 51 Fifty Energy Drink team was there and they looked amazing.  The hauler was all set up, all five bikes and helmets were wrapped with Moto Efx Graphics, and all the boys had new 51 Fifty Energy Drink riding gear.  Since I raced at the track the day before, I had my bike and trophy at the hauler on display and it looked cool next to the other guys bikes.

I had fun all day watching some really fun races and hanging out with all the team riders.  The guys were all so cool, we talked a lot about riding and they even gave me some tips that I will definitely be using when I ride.  Thank you…..Ryan Rangel, Brandon Rangel, Preston Mull, Preston Tilford, and Chris Plouffe

See my cool new jersey!

I want to really thank Carlos and Joe from 51 Fifty Energy Drink and Larry and Dave from Moto Efx Graphics for everything they have done for me.  It was so much fun to hang out with everyone, and thanks for making me feel like I was part of the team.

This weekend is the Hangtown Outdoor race and it is close to my house so I will for sure be going to watch round 1 with the pros.  For those of you who don’t get a chance to come see the race I thought you might want to see what the track is going to look like this weekend.

I will be there cheering on the 51 Fifty Energy Drink team!

I will be racing at Hangtown amateur Day on Friday before the pros which will be so awesome.  Moto Efx will be unveiling my new graphics which I am sure will look amazing.  I will be representing the 51 Fifty Energy Drink team and I am so excited for the new look.

Make sure you come out to watch me ride on Friday and stop by the 51 Fifty hauler to say Hi on Saturday.  It should be a really fun weekend and I can’t wait to update everyone next week.

Saturday I spent the day helping my Dad work on bikes and we started packing to go to the World Mini Grand Prix that was coming up.  Saturday afternoon my Dad took me to Stockton 99 Speedway to cheer on Larry from MotoEfx and Carlos from 51 Fifty Energy Drink.  The race was soooo fun!  Larry and Carlos gave us pit passes and I got to hang out with the teams.

MOTO EFX:  Larry and the Moto Efx team had wrapped like every car and hauler that was in the pits.  The whole place looked amazing with the coolest graphics.  Larry’s rider, Jacob Gomes who drives the number 16 Sunnyvalley Meats car, made the race look too easy.  He qualified first but because of the starting draw he started the race in fourth.  Before long he took the lead and never looked back.  Larry and his family let me hang out in the center of the track with them and I even got to wear the ear phones to listen to the team communication.  THANK YOU MOTOEFX!

51 FIFTY: Carlos is the driver for the 51 Fifty Energy Drink car and he drove the wheels off his car.  The team had problems with the car just before practice and got no testing time on the track.  He was able to pull out a thirteenth qualifying position which was amazing.  Carlos definitely passed the most cars of the night.  The track was really difficult to pass on and Carlos battled all the way to fifth.  What an amazing drive to the front!  After the race I hung out in the pits more with the teams and before I left Carlos hooked me up with banners and drinks to take to the World Mini Grand Prix.  THANK YOU 51 FIFTY!



The new Moto Efx catalog is out and guess who is in it ? 

ME !!!!

Sorry these pictures are so bad, the real ones look great…..but you can get the idea.

You guys have to check out their graphics, they do a great job and my bikes look so sick!  If you are looking for something different, make sure you give them a call and also add them as a friend on your facebook page so you can keep up on what is new.

And they also have hot girls that they do photo shoots with…lol

I’m sexy and I know it…….I work out !

For more information on Moto Efx…..see my post MOTO EFX GRAPHICS

Part 6 of 7

DAY SIX (Friday) – 3 RACES

Day six was another full day of racing with three races spread throughout the day.

The first race was my 65 Stock.   I battled with some kids and finished up in 7th place.

The second race was 50 Stock and it was another great race with a 4th place finish.

The last race of the day was 65 Mod.  I did fall over in a turn, but was able to get back up and get all but one of my spots back to finish in 7th place.

After my races, I watched the Pro’s race.  They were so fast, it was really cool to watch them ride.  This is a picture of me with Eric McCrummen #104 when he went into the top 5 tent after his race…Good job Eric!

My sponsor, Moto Efx, was at every race to support me and cheer me on.  On Friday they had some girls at their booth and I took some pictures with them.

Thank you Moto Efx for all your support!


Saturday was the last round of the 408mx Summer Series and at the end of the night the Series Champions were crowned.

The day started with practice and I was riding really well during the day.  We had a short break then it was time to start racing.  The night started out a little rough…..  In my first 65 race I had a bad start and had to fight through traffic to race my way to the front, and after a couple laps I was able to take the lead.  While I was in the lead I went over the back triple and as I rounded the turn toward the finish line I hit a large rock on the track and my bike went crazy and I flipped.  I finished up the race in third place, I was pretty sore and I hurt my shoulder, but I was OK.  The second 65 race of the night ended much better and I came in first.  With the way all the other riders finished for the night, I went third and first and ended the night with a 1st overall.

The 85 races for the night were also a little difficult.  They moved the 85 race to the last race of the night, and by the time I hit the track it was pretty rough.  I raced really well, but it was difficult to compete with the big wheel 150cc bikes in my class.  I raced really hard and finished a very close third to the two big wheel bikes in my class.  They were both really exciting races and everyone was fighting hard.

Between the first and second round of racing, the moon started to come out and everyone was treated to a BBQ.  The food was great and it was really fun to sit with everyone and hangout a little.  At the end of the night the series awards were given out and I was a TWO TIME 408MX SUMMER SERIES CHAMPION!  I was able to come in 1st in both of the classes that I raced the full series.  (I did race more classes throughout the series when fast racers showed up, but only raced two classes for the entire series.)

It was really cool to race under the lights this summer… Thanks 408MX

I want to give an extra thanks to Moto Efx Graphics for making my bike look amazing under the lights.

A final thanks to my family for coming to my races and practices all the time!

P.S.  Even though the title says “The Race Is Over,” it is only over at that track.  See you at the next race!