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The new Moto Efx catalog is out and guess who is in it ? 

ME !!!!

Sorry these pictures are so bad, the real ones look great…..but you can get the idea.

You guys have to check out their graphics, they do a great job and my bikes look so sick!  If you are looking for something different, make sure you give them a call and also add them as a friend on your facebook page so you can keep up on what is new.

And they also have hot girls that they do photo shoots with…lol

I’m sexy and I know it…….I work out !

For more information on Moto Efx…..see my post MOTO EFX GRAPHICS

MotoEfx has some really different cool designs for their dirt bike graphics, I just got mine on my bike and they look amazing! 

I have been looking for something different, fresh, and new and they totally nailed it.

The guys at MotoEfx have been doing wraps for the last 5 years and now have an awesome Motocross and ATV line.  They are totally easy to work with and gave me exactly what I was looking for.  There designs are top-notch and they use the highest quality materials.  Make sure you check them out……if you are looking for new graphics right now or not, you have to check out some of their pictures – they do great work!

They are a one-stop-shop!  It is great having two companies in one….MotoEfx does graphics for Motocross, ATV’s, Race Cars, Boats, Jet Skis, Race Cars, Go Karts, etc.  The sister company Wrapped Graphics, can get you to the event in style.  They do everything from small lettering to complete wraps, banners, signs, window graphics, wall graphics, floor decals, stickers and more.

Make sure you check them out on Facebook to stay in touch with the new designs they have coming.

Contact MotoEfx At:
Phone: (209) 649-5394
Fax: (209) 744-8149