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Friday my Dad got home from work, did some work on my bikes, loaded them in the van and we hit the road to Los Angeles for round two of the Gold Cup race at Milestone MX.  We got to my Uncle’s house around 1am (thankfully I have a bed in the van.)

Saturday morning we got up early and got to the track for practice.  The Milestone track is very different from most tracks I ride on, it is more of a supercross style track.  Practice went well and they had a ton of bikes practicing.

After practice we went to HOOTER’S.  I have been joking with my parents that I wanted to eat there and they had one down the street from the track.  I took my picture with the girls and ate some chicken nuggets and fries.  We went to my Uncles house and I played Xbox with my cousin Mike and got some rest for the race the next day.

Sunday we got to the track early for the 8am practice and we were ready to go.  My 65 open race was the third race of the day and I was almost the last gate pick out of 26 bikes.  The start was cement, but it was not flat, it was bumpy and rocky and different from anything I had started on.  It took me a few races to get the hang of the start and my bike kept gripping to hard and I wheelied off the start in the first couple of races.  With really bad starts in both the 65 open classes I had to work hard on the track and pass as many riders as I could.  In the first race I finished 7th and the second race I finished 6th with an overal 6th place finish.

The 65 Age class was race number 18 so we had a long wait between races and my last race of the day ended at 7:30pm.  In the first race I had to battle through to catch the riders that started in front of me.  I was able to get into second place and was trying to catch first place when a lapped beginner rider rode into my lane as I was going up one of the supercross doubles.  When I moved just a little to avoid hitting him it threw me off and I landed on the top of the double and crashed really hard.  I was able to get up and finally got my bike started but I had dropped several spots.  I passed a couple of people back and ended the race in 4th place.  The second race I finally got a hole shot and was able to walk away with a 1st place win.  I got a 2nd place overall finish.

I rode really well throughout the weekend, but didn’t have the best of luck with my finishes.  8pm we finally got back on the road to come home.  My Mom drove all night while my Dad and I slept in the back.  We got home at 2am and my Dad had to rush to work.

SIDE NOTE:  Over the last three weeks I blew up two of my KTM 65 motors and I am down to only one bike.  If you know anyone looking for a tax write-off that would like to help me with new motors, let me know.  🙂

Thank you Aiden Tijero for letting me take your bike to LA with me if I had a problem with my bike during the race.  It is hard to go all the way to LA to race with only one bike because if something happens I don’t have a back up.  It was nice of the Tijero family to let me take the bike at the last-minute.

I have a video that shows the start of the race and a couple of clips showing some of the jumps, but it is really hard to see.  Just thought you might want to get an idea of all the bikes going into the first couple of turns.  Sorry for the bad video, next race I will get you guys a better one.

My Mom’s extended family all had Thanksgiving at our house, we had Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and Grandparents.  It was a lot of fun and the food was sooooo good.  After we were done eating everyone watched some football.

Hailey, Mom, Dad, Elyssa, Nick and me……..and the baby in Elyssa’s stomach

When everyone left, we went to bed for three hours and then got up at 2am to drive to LA for a weekend of visiting my Dad’s family and dirt bike riding.  I slept in the truck and when I woke up we were at Milestone Raceway just as they were opening.  The place was really cool, it has 7 different race tracks on the facility.

The tracks in LA are a little different in many ways, the biggest difference is the way they run the practices.  In Northern California we rotate time on the track between big bikes and little bikes (20 minutes mini’s, 40 minutes big bikes each hour), in Southern California big bikes and little bikes ride at the same time throughout the day whenever they want to go on the track.

I worked throughout the day on the big track and it was really fun riding with the big bikes.  The track was really fun it had some big triples, large whoops, and big swooping turns.  The turns were a little different because they didn’t get big ruts in them like at home, I had to make the turns almost like I was on a flat track.

After riding my 65 for a while, I also rode on my 85.

While we were at the track pro’s were also at the track practicing.  We saw Tadesco, Tickle and someone with a red number 1 plate and no name on his jersey…….who do you think it was?  It was so cool to watch them ride and see how they practice and how fast they can blitz the whoops.  I couldn’t believe they were just right there parked right next to us…..except for the number 1 rider, he was a little more private..huh!

When we were done riding we drove about an hour to visit our family.  On the way to Temecula we passed March Field Air Museum and we had to stop and check it out.

They had so much to look at that I will have to tell you more about it later.

Then it was back on the road to visit family

………to me continued!