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The 2012 Motocross Season kicks off this Saturday in Sacramento at Hangtown.  I have the schedule for you but first………A few months ago Racer X and Lucas Oil had a contest looking for someone to help design this years track stickers.

  • For those of you who don’t know…..every year, at each of the outdoor tracks, you can collect the event stickers.  The stickers are always similar in design with the unique track name and date from the event you attend.  The idea is to attend as many outdoor events as you can and collect a sticker from each event.

I entered a design idea into Racer X Magazine and guess what ?……….my design was chosen to be this years sticker.  I knew that many different ideas would be entered and my family thought it would just be fun to try to come up with a cool idea and I was so excited when they contacted me and said that our design would be featured at this years outdoor national events.

This is the press release that was recently issued –

Winners Revealed for Racer X Sticker Design Contest

This year’s exclusive stickers will be fit for a champion.

Racer X turned the creation of their annual motocross stickers over to the fans for the first time this year. The fans stepped up to the challenge, delivering some awesome concepts, but there was one idea in particular that was so good, it was actually submitted by two different people. Shoji Nakayama and Hunter Cross took different approaches to mocking up their concepts, but the message was clear: championship plates are in.

Shoji Nakayama (left) and Hunter Cross (right) both submitted a championship plate sticker concept

California’s Hunter Cross, 9, may be gunning for the real deal one day. He isn’t just a fan – he’s a racer. Hunter recently competed in the World Mini Grand Prix. If you’ve ever wondered what the sport of motocross is like through the eyes of a child, check out Hunter’s blog ( for some insight.   Joining Hunter in the metaphorical Winner’s Circle is Shoji Nakayama of Schererville, Indiana.

If you’re coming to the races this summer, be sure to stop by the Racer X booth to try to get your hand on one of these stickers. They’ll be customized for each round of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, so see how many you can rack up.


Pretty cool right?   My design was chosen, They mentioned my name in a press release, and they even mentioned my website.

I will be at Hangtown so if anyone is going to round 1 make sure you find me and make sure you pick up the coolest outdoor sticker to date…


05/19  Hangtown – Sacramento, CA

  • May 19 Fuel TV 4:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • May 19 NBCSN 12:00 AM 250/450 2nd Motos
  • May 23 NBCSN 12:00 AM Highlight Show

05/26 Freestone – Wortham, TX

  • May 26 Fuel TV 2:00pm 250/450 1st Motos.
  • May 26 NBCSN 12:00am 250/450 2nd Motos
  • May 30 NBCSN 12:00 AM Highlight Show

06/02 Thunder Valley – Lakewood, CO

  • June 2 – Fuel TV 3:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • June 2 NBCSN 5:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • June 2 NBCSN 12:00am 250 2nd Moto
  • June 6 NBCSN 1:00 AM Highlight Show

06/09 High Point – Mt. Morris, PA

  • June 9 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • June 9 NBCSN 5:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • June 9 NBCSN 6:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • June 13 NBCSN 12:00 AM Highlight Show

06/16 Budds Creek – Mechanicsville, MD

  • June 16 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250 1st Moto
  • June 16 NBC 2:00pm 450 1stt Moto
  • June 16 FUEL TV 3:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • June 16 NBCSN 4:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • June 19 NBCSN 11:00 PM Highlight Show

Mid-Season Review Show July 3 NBCSN 11:00 PM Mid-Season Recap

07/07 RedBud – Buchanan, Mich.

  • July 7 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • July 7 NBCSN 4:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • July 8 NBC 1:30pm 450 2nd Moto
  • July 15 NBCSN 11:00pm Highlight Show

07/14 Spring Creek – Milllville, Minn.

  • July 14 – Fuel TV 2:00pm 250/450 1st Motos.
  • July 14 NBCSN 4:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • July 21 NBCSN 4:30pm Highlight Show

07/21 Washougal – Washougal, WA

  • July 21 – Fuel TV 4:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • July 21 NBCSN 11:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • July 22 NBCSN 11:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • July 24 NBCSN 1:30 AM Highlight Show

08/11 Southwick – Southwick, Mass

  • August 11 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • August 13 NBCSN 4:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • August 15 NBCSN 12:00am Highlight Show

08/18 Unadilla – New Berlin, N.Y.

  • August 18 – Fuel TV 12:30pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • August 18 NBC 3:00pm 450 2nd Moto
  • August 18 NBCSN 4:00pm 250 2nd Moto
  • August 22 NBCSN 1:00am Highlight Show

09/01 Steel City – Delmont, PA

  • September 1 – Fuel TV 1:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • September 1 NBCSN 3:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • September 5 NBCSN 12:30am Highlight Show

09/08 Lake Elsinore – Lake Elsinore, CA

  • September 8 – Fuel TV 4:00pm 250/450 1st Motos
  • September 8 NBCSN 11:00pm 250/450 2nd Motos
  • September 12 NBCSN 12:00am Highlight Show

2012 Season Highlight Show September 26 NBCSN 12:00 AM Season Recap

*Make sure to check your local listings, schedule is subject to change

Saturday was the Lucas Oil Motocross Washougal National race.  We got up early to watch practice, walked through the pits some more, and watched the races.  It was so fun to watch the pro’s and see what lines they were taking and I got some ideas for my race the next day.

We had a great spot to watch the races, and for the second race I managed to work my way into the Rockstar-Makita-Suzuki VIP tent.  It was the perfect spot to watch the race and I could watch the TV to see the parts of the track that were really far way.