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Thanks to the help from my Grandpa and my Uncle Mike, my parents got our new moto van all ready for our trip to Tennessee.


The trip was so long….I played on the computer, watched movies, and slept until we finally arrived.


The blue crew, Yamaha family were all honored on the banner and we all got special Loretta Lynn shirts and got together for a team dinner and photo


In the Yamaha tent they have a banner and guess who’s picture was on it…….ME!!!


Acerbis had new plastics shipped to us on the road and before we got to the track Dad had my new graphics on and my bikes looked so awesome.  When we got to the track we got our A+ Loretta Lynn sticker for being in school and on the honor roll and put them on my bike.


Just before we got to Loretta’s my Mom took me on what she called “an adventure” at the hotel and I got poison oak.  It started on my arms, went down to my hands, on my legs, back and feet.  Everyday I raced and got hot and sweaty I got more and more spots.  It was so itchy and bad……no fun!


It was time to gear up and get on the track…. We had two 15 minute practice sessions, then I had a total of 6 races (3 races in 85 9-11 stock and 3 races in 85 9-11 mod)


The weather was SO HOT.  The humidity was the worst it has ever been there for the first few days of racing.  Just standing outside everyone’s clothes were wet.  The first day of racing did not go well and I had bad starts and went down a few times trying to race back to the front.  When I finished my second race of the day they had a garden hose under the top 10 tent and when we came off the track we got to cool down with water.


With my first race was really bad, I had a bad start and fell three times and finished in 27th place.  After that all five of my other races I finished under the top 10 tent and one race I finished third and made it onto the podium.  My buddy Wes Kain was announcing….. (Remember last year when Wes interviewed my race win at the Cal Classic race and I stood on the bike stand because my Dad had to get my bike ready for my next race- read here  Cal Classic 04.15.14 ) When I came up to talk to him he grabbed a gas can and told me to stand on it so we can see eye to eye because that was our thing.  He is so funny!


Racing was awesome.  I had six 20 minute motos (3 moto format for each class) and I was able to finish up the week with a 9th place and a 3rd place


I had a lot of my sponsors at the track supporting me.







I even had Malcom Stewart under the tent with me.

ll42…and of course my Mom and Dad!


Awards ceremony was awesome and instead of getting top three swords, we got top three shields…..I used my shield from this year and my sword from last year and I am ready for battle!

ll53ll76Then 2,000 miles back home and back to practice for the next race!



This last weekend was the last stop to qualify for Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s.  The race was at Hangtown in Sacramento and only the top 4 kids in each class will get a ticket to nationals.  During practice I didn’t feel comfortable on my mod bike and I wanted to race the open class on my practice bike.  The guys at Thousand Oaks Yamaha did a new top end and clutch on my bike to get it freshened up and ready for the race.


It was cool to have Thousand Oaks, and all my Yamaha teammates at the track and get to cheer them on throughout the weekend.  When it was time for my race, I was ready to go……..


I raced the stock class to get practice starts but because I was already qualified in that class I pulled off the track to give the other kids a chance to qualify.  I the first stock race I had a great start but got pushed out and fell in the second turn.  I was able to get back up and race from 24th to 5th.  The second race I had another great start and lead the first three laps of the race.  Then it was time for the mod race……


My mod race was the last race of the day and by the time I got on the line for my first race the track was already really rough.  In the first mod race I did not get off the line well and was in the back of the pack.  I quickly tried to move up to get myself into a qualifying position.  I was able to work my way into second place.  The second race the track was really dry and rough, I got a better start and was in a solid third place.  I finished the race with an overall 1st place finish and qualified for my second class at Loretta Lynn’s.


There are so many people who support me and my racing every day and at the track.  I can’t thank everyone enough for all the help and support.  I really appreciate it and I am excited to go to Nationals and race hard!


Nationals only allows racers to compete in 2 classes.  Even if you are able to qualify for more classes, you have to pick only two classes to race at the event.  I officially now have my two tickets to my classes and I am excited to go to Tennessee.


This last weekend was Mother’s Day and I race a Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier in Hollister.  My family took the trailer to Hollister on Friday night and we spent the weekend camping.


Saturday we had stock racing and I was very excited to get on the track.  My Dad helped me make sure everything was set for the gate drop.


The racing on Saturday went well.  They combined my 85 stock class with the supermini and women classes and we all raced in 1 gate.  Although I was only racing my class of 85 stock riders I had fun racing with the supermini bikes also.  I had two really good starts and I was able to finish with a 1-1 for the day, even crossing the finish line before the supermini class.


Racing was finished early on Saturday and we went across the park and watched the jeeps ride over the courses.  It was cool to watch them try to figure out how to get from the start to the finish.


Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I have to thank my Mom for spending her day at the track watching me race.


Sunday I raced 85 Mod.  In the first race I didn’t get a good start and I rode really out of control.  I finished 2nd in my class and 3rd overall against my class and the Supermini bikes.  After the race my Dad worked on my suspension and made some big changes to help me in the second race.  The track was very rough for the second race and my bike handled way better.  I got a better start but still had to work my way to the front.  I was able to get by the last Supermini bike and was catching the leader.  I went for three passes but wasn’t able to make it stick and finished in a very close second.


I have to thank my Mom and my sister Hailey for spending the weekend camping and watching me race.


My Dad and Gary for working on my bikes all weekend.


…..and I have to thank my sponsors for all the support!!!!!

Thousand Oaks Yamaha,  51Fifty Energy Drink, 2X Promotions, Fly Racing, Von Zipper Goggles, Lucas Oil, RSTB, Mika Metals, FMF, Americore SMX, DVS Shoes, Acerbis, bLU cRU



I found a video on YouTube of one of my races last week at Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s ranch.  In this short video you can get an idea of what the track looks like at Nationals.

In this three minute video you will see:

  • Short ten second ad
  • The start of the race with 42 bikes battling around the first turn.
  • Me in 3rd place (I am wearing red gear and my bike number is 71).
  • The ten commandments (that is what the whoop section is called) I am on the right side passing into 2nd place.
  • The next shot is of me in 1st place.
  • I stay in 1st place but it will show lapped riders in front of me that I catch up to and pass.
  • On the last lap (2:28) you will see me fall and when I got back up I was in 3rd place.

I lead all the first 8 laps of the race but I fell on the last lap and finished in 3rd place.  Overall it was a great ride, really disappointed I lost the win but really glad I was able to finish the race on the podium.  Hope you enjoy the video!

3rd Place Finish at 2014 Loretta Lynn Nationals Race


On the 36 hour drive to Tennessee for the AMA Amateur Motocross Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch my parents and I did a little site seeing.

We drove 24 hours from Northern California, to Oklahoma City.  We stopped at Cadillac Ranch off Route 66, which is an art sculpture.  There is several cars coming out of the ground and people stop to spray paint the cars and become part of the art.  I wrote “71MX” on one of the cars and I also wrote “TENN BOUND CROSS71”.


After we painted the cars we continued to Oklahoma City.  My Grandparents who left California several days before my parents and I met us in Oklahoma City and we all went to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial site.  It was such a cool place and I learned a lot about the event and how it affected so many people.


We spent the night in Oklahoma and the next day we went the rest of the way to Tennessee.   My Dad and I wrestled in the pool and of course I won!


On the way from Oklahoma to Tennessee we stopped at the Memphis Zoo for a few hours.  It was so awesome.  The place was huge they had panda bears, I got to feed a giraffe, I got to ride a camel, I feed sting rays and sharks, we watched a seal show, and they have this really cool night exhibit with nocturnal animals…..we did a lot in a couple of hours.


I was so excited to finally get to Loretta’s.  The next day we walked the track, signed into the event, and saw a lot of our friends and sponsors.  I took my report card to sign up for the Loretta Lynn’s Honor Roll and get my A+ stickers again this year.


The next day was practice and the weather was perfect, not to hot.  Practice went well and then we went back to clean the bikes and get ready for the next day when racing starts.


The earlier post (part 1 of 2) gives the play by play (and pictures) of how each race went throughout the week.

The awards ceremony at the end of the week is really cool!  They give trophies to the top 10 riders in each class and the top three riders in each class get really cool sword trophies.


I was so excited that I finished in the top three so I was able to bring home the famous Loretta Lynn Championship Swords.


It was really cool that my Grandma and Grandpa drove all the way to Tennessee to watch me race.  My Dad keeps my bikes running and is always working on them.  My Mom did lots of driving and helped me with my gear each day.


After awards is was time for us to head back to California.  We had to drive straight home without stopping because my Dad had to go to work late Sunday night.  It was a lot of driving so we watched movies, I played xbox, and I slept…..sorry I couldn’t help drive Mom and Dad.  🙂


Now back home and back to practice and more racing!

This last weekend I raced in LA for the second Loretta Lynn area qualifier.


During the week my Mom had work and my sister Hailey was not feeling well so I didn’t get to go to the Friday practice at Comp Edge.  Friday night we drove to LA and on Saturday morning it was time to race.  On Saturday morning we got to the track and I got ready to race in the 7-9 stock class and it was super windy and cold.  Even though I didn’t get to practice the day before, I was excited to race and feeling very good.  My first start was not very well, I did a huge wheelie off the start but was able to save it and only lose a few spots.  It took me a little to get through traffic and I was able to win the race.  The second race I started much better and was also able to come in first for a 1st place overall finish.


After the race we went back to the hotel with some friends and we ate pizza and watch supercross.  After supercross I got to go in the hot tub and pool with my friends.  My Mom thought I was crazy because it was super cold outside, but the water wasn’t too bad.  After the pool it was time for bed because we had to turn our clocks back and loose an hour of sleep.


Sunday morning It was time to race the 7-11 mod class.  I still didn’t have a mod bike and had to race with my stock bike, but I was excited to see if I could battle with the older kids.  In the first race I got a bad start and had to battle through traffic.  By the time I was able to make my way to the fourth place spot, the top three riders were out just a little.  I was pushing to try to catch them and I slid out in a turn.  I was able to get back up pretty fast and didn’t lose any spots but I lost a little ground on the leaders.  By the end of the race I was catching the third place spot but I wasn’t able to get close enough to make a pass.  I finished the first race in 4th place.

compedge03.11.13 599compedge03.11.13 526compedge03.11.13 512

In the second race I came out of the gate well but again got pushed between a couple of bikes.  I was able to make my way to third place and worked to get around him.  I finally got around the third and second place rider and tried to catch up to the leader.  I was riding well, but I let the leader get out too far in the beginning of the race and I wasn’t able to get close enough to catch him in the end.  I was able to finish the race in second place and finished the race with an overall 2nd place finish for the day.


I just received the current issue of Racer X magazine.  I was reading about Villapoto, Dungey, Bagget, and all of my other favorite riders……then I came across my picture and my name.  WHAT? 


I couldn’t believe it…..they did a little write up about Loretta Lynn’s.  They put a picture of the start of the race when I got the hole shot and I am right in the middle of the picture.  On the side it says (The 65cc class is changing colors as orange KTMs including #71 Hunter Cross……..) I know, it is not a spread like Villapoto but it is still cool that I am in there at all.  lol




With the help of my family and friends I had made it to Tennessee, Carlos from 51 FIFTY helped us with our bike, Larry with Moto Efx created some totally cool graphics and Matt from BOSS worked on my suspension… bike was ready to ride!

The Championship race at Loretta Lynn’s is the Olympics for dirt bike racers. You have to qualify through multiple races to earn a spot in the main event in Tennessee. Kids qualify from all over the world including Japan, Australia, and Brazil. Each class has only 43 kids that earn spots to the event. All of the races were really fun to watch because we get to see people from other states around the world and everyone is really fast.

I am not sure how we did it, but with people parked miles from the track…. We got the best spot in the place. We parked right behind the mechanics area in view of the starting gate and most of the track. Our spot was the place most people went to watch the races which was perfect because it gave me a chance to promote my sponsors a little.


My first day on the track was for one 20 minute practice session. When we got to the track in the morning we were a little sad that it was raining. It is difficult to get a good practice on a track that is all muddy and messy.

My practice didn’t go to well…I fell a couple of times and most of the jumps were too wet for anyone to hit. I was defiantly at a disadvantage with most of the kids in my class. Out of the 43 riders in my class 38 of them are a year older than I am, and they have been to the race in previous years and they had the advantage of already knowing the track. Although I was hoping for a better practice I couldn’t wait for the next day to race.


After practice. We went back to our hotel, washed my bike, and I helped my Dad change the oil.

The first race of the week each rider picks a number and that is the order we pick our starting spot. I was really lucky and I picked number 3 so I had a really good pick.


When the gate dropped I was ready to go. I was able to be the first person out of the gate and I got the hole shot. I couldn’t believe that I got such a great start… was totally cool. Both because I wasn’t completely comfortable on the track and my bike didn’t turn as well as some of the other kids bikes, I fell back a little but was able to pull off a 9th place finish. It was soooooo hot and I am not used to riding in that much heat for a 20 minute race. When I came around to get the checkered flag, I cleared the jump before the finish but when I landed my hand slipped off the handlebar and I went flying. I was thrown through the finish line and my bike flipped through it as well. So I finished in 9th place but I wasn’t even on my bike when I crossed the finish line. Lol

Because I finished in the top 10 I had to go to the leaders tent after the race. I also got to go on the podium because I got the hole shot and I won a $100 from the Motorcycle Superstore.


It was really cool to get on the podium at Loretta’s and have a chance to thank all of my sponsors.


The next day was my second race and it was the last race of the day. The track was super rough and the weather started to change. It was still super hot, but the wind came up a little and the rain was expected at any time. I was hoping I would be able to finish my race before it started raining. I had another good start and I had some really good battles and made some hard passes. Towards the last 3laps of my race I started seeing lightning coming down on the track. It never rained but it was really strange to be riding and seeing huge flashes of light. I was able to finish the race with a 10th place and be under the top 10 tent for a second time.


Michael from 51 FIFTY Energy Drink flew into Tennessee and was there to watch me ride my last race. Before my race Michael and I got to hang out and have some fun watching the races. He even introduced me to other riders and we got to talk about the track.


Ten minutes before my last race I was getting dressed to race and out of nowhere a huge tree fell in our pit area. Luckily we were getting ready to race and not sitting in our chairs. The tree destroyed our easy up and bent the handlebars on my bike. My Dad didn’t have enough time to change my bars so I had to race with them bent. It was so crazy that the tree fell, and I am so happy that no one was hurt.

In my last race I again got a good start, I had to make a couple hard passes and was able to finish in 9th place…..which gave me a 9th place overall finish. Three races, three times in the tent and a top 10 finish….I was pretty happy with that for my first time there. From race one to the final race I increased my lap times by 10 seconds and kept improving on different sections of the track. I can’t wait to improve on what I learned this year at next years race.

After my last race Michael took me to the river to get cooled off….it felt so good!

Thank you Michael for all your support….you and the 51 FIFTY TEAM ROCK!

After all the races we went back to the Loretta Lynn pavilion for the awards ceremony. I was really excited to be able to make it to the awards ceremony and be in the top 10 (1 percent) of racers that make it to the event.


As i left Discovery Bay for my trip my family were standing on the side of the road with signs wishing us a great trip it was really cool that my family was so excited to support me.


My trip to Tennessee was a 2,300 miles and it took us about 35 hours to drive. We started in Northern California, drove through Southern California, Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and finally we made it to Tennessee. All I can say is that my parents were really happy that I am sponsored by an energy drink company…..thanks for the 51 FIFTY Energy Drinks.


During this trip we had fun doing a little sight-seeing and playing. After 25 hours we made our first stop in Oklahoma City and we went for dinner on the river walk. It was really hot but it was really pretty and it was nice to get out of the car and walk around.


After dinner we had ice cream and then we got back on the road till our next stop.


Our next stop was in Memphis Tennessee and we went to Graceland to see the home that Elvis lived in.


We toured the house, his cars, and his airplanes…..I tried on his glasses, and we Took Care of Business.


The house was really pretty on the outside


and the inside was decorated really crazy


Behind the house is a club house where Elvis liked to play racquet ball and it has the piano where Elvis played his last song the morning of his death. The racquet ball room was converted into walls of gold records.


I didn’t know that Elvis and his family was buried in the yard.

Then we checked out his old cars.


I like the Lisa Marie….his airplane was really cool. He had a huge airplane that was converted with a sitting area, dining table and a full bedroom and bathroom.


After a very long trip we finally arrived at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch and I was so excited.

The place was so crazy! Loretta Lynn lives on 600 acres and people were camping for miles. I found an Ariel shot of the property but it doesn’t show that people are camping all through the trees….it was a huge event.

On the property we took a tour of Loretta Lynn’s house. After her kids were older and moved out. She built the home she lives in now and the started giving tours of this old home that was used in the Coal Miners Daughter movie.


Her house is right next to a beautiful dam along the river that runs through the property.

They also have the small 3 bedroom home that her parents and her 8 brothers and sisters grew up in. My parents didn’t know that Crystal Gail was Loretta Lynn’s little sister.


In the museum they had her original tour bus that was really cool. It had a full bedroom that Loretta slept in and little bunks that the rest of the band slept in.


We also got to go on a tour of a pretend coal mine. It was cool.

Back at the track….my parents bought me a Traxxis car and I played on the mini track. I really liked jumping the car.

Several pro riders were at the track throughout the week…Ryan Villapoto, Blake Bagget, Bubba Stewart, etc. I watch Villapoto ride his new 2013 bike for the first time after being off with his injury. I watched the GOAT(Greatest Of All Time) Ricky Carmichael race which was totally cool. Carmichael was so fast and he was jumping things that no one else was able to do. Here is a picture of me and the GOAT.

At the Loretta Lynn pavilion we signed in, got my racing bib, and our program with my picture in it.

I took my report card and I was given Loretta Lynn’s honor roll award and got to put a LL A+ on my bike.


We had a lot of fun, but I couldn’t wait to get on the track and race……

To be continued….