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Wednesday at 408MX was Red Bull Ride Day and it was an adventure from start to finish.  We decided to go to 408MX to practice Tuesday night and then stay the night to watch the show put on by Red Bull during the day, and then practice again on Wednesday night.  The weather said barely any rain in San Jose, but half way to the track it started pouring and never stopped.

When we arrived Tuesday afternoon they already had a few of the Red Bull and a Fox trailers at the track.  It was kinda cool to feel like a pro arriving at the “location” with the big rigs the night before the event.  Since we were not going to be able to practice, we went and got some dinner then watched a movie and went to bed.

We woke up to Red Bull playing music and putting up their tents.  They had a huge tent with a lounge under it, a ton of bikes, food, and of course all the Red Bull you could want.

While they were setting up I got to lay in the lounge, sit on some of their bikes, talk to people from Red Bull, Fox, KTM, Motion Pro, etc.  And look how cool my bike looks in front of one of the KTM trucks.

The ride for the invited riders started around 10 and it was really fun to watch those guys rip.  The track started out very wet, but came in pretty fast.  It was fun to watch RONNIE RENNER, JESSY NELSON, and some of the guys that I know personally like, Dom Garman, Will Longo, Jeff Pestana, and Gary Plaatje.  Everyone was really fast, but Jessy Nelson……AMAZING!

After watching them ride all morning, it was finally time for the open ride day.  There had to be about 300 riders that showed up for the event, the place was packed.

They had set up banners and signs all over the track and a Red Bull tunnel to ride under.

This is how deep the ruts were that they left us……most of the time it was faster to rail around the outside, but I had to try the ruts they were using.  It was pretty cool.

I like this picture because you can see one of the Red Bull and Fox trucks and one of the Red Bull tents in the background.

It was a fun day, but by the end I was so tired.  A couple final pictures acting silly with my friends and one with Jessy Nelson, some free gifts from Ronnie Renner, Fox, Motion Pro, Red Bull, etc and we were on our way home.