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During Oakland Supercross Justin Barcia took some time out of his day to let me interview him for you guys.

He was super cool and really funny.

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Before the interview a little information about Justin Barcia, who was born in Paterson, NJ and now lives in Greenville, FL.  He began riding dirt bikes at the age of 5 and started racing at 7.  During his amateur racing career, Justin won over 25 National titles including 4 Loretta Lynn’s Championships.  Justin turned pro in 2009 and in his first full season of riding he finished second in Supercross and fifth in the Outdoors.  Justin then became the two-time Supercross Champion in 2011 and 2012 and also won the 2012 Monster Energy Cup.  This year, in 2013, Justin has moved into the 450 class and did very well in the first two rounds including winning his first 450 Main Event in the second round.  The third and fourth rounds have not ended well for Justin with a crash in the third round injuring his nose and hand and getting taken out in turn two of the fourth round in Oakland.  Justin’s aggressive riding style on the race track has earned him the name Bam Bam Barcia.



71:  How did you first get started in racing?

51:  Well it’s a long story but I will try to make it short.  I didn’t really want to do any other sports and my Mom tried to take me to soccer practice one day and I started crying and telling her I didn’t want to do it.  She asked me if I wanted to ride dirt bikes and I was like Yeah   So I started riding, went to my first race and I caught the bug and never stopped from there.

71:  What advice would you give kids like me that want to get to where you are?

51:  Well it’s a lot of hard work for sure but I think the biggest thing for me was having my Mom and Dad around.  Just having fun, if you’re not having fun that’s not good.  If you’re having fun and your parents are around it all good.

71:  What was your first pro ride and how did you get it?

51:  My first pro ride was on the Geico Honda and I was actually racing at Mini O’s one year and I was on a 65’s.  The guy that owned Factory Connection owned the Geico team also and he noticed me and I started riding for him as an amateur and then I went professional.

71:  Something people would be surprised to know about you?

51:  People would be surprised to know that I’m actually a pretty nice guy…ha! ha! ha!   There is a difference between being mean on the track and being mean off the track, so I try to be nice off the track.

71:  Do you have any pets and what are there names?

51:  We have a lot of dogs at home.  I have Buddy, we have Shift, we have Scrat, we have a cat, and a whole bunch of animals at home.  I have been staying in California a lot right now so I haven’t seen them in a while so I miss them, but I defiantly have quit a few.

71:  What’s your favorite movie?

51:  I like Ted right now….have you seen it?

—— 71:  No my Mom won’t let me watch it.

—— 51:  Ya you’re not allowed to watch Ted yet, but when you get a little older you will defiantly like it a lot. ha! ha!

71:  What’s your favorite song?

51:  I don’t think I can pick a favorite song, I like Rap, I like Country, I like a variety so it’s a little bit of everything.

71:  Did you go to school or were you home schooled?

51:  I was home schooled

71:  Thank you for your time!

51:  That was awesome, that was the best interview I’ve had in a while.


After the interview I told Justin that my sister Hailey was in love with him and he gave her a hug and took a picture with her.  She was SO excited.

photo (36)

You are welcome Hailey!

Huge THANKS to Justin Barcia for taking the time to help me with this interview!!!!

Make sure you watch Justin in the upcoming races and cheer him on…..GOOD LUCK JUSTIN!