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This last weekend was Mother’s Day and I race a Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier in Hollister.  My family took the trailer to Hollister on Friday night and we spent the weekend camping.


Saturday we had stock racing and I was very excited to get on the track.  My Dad helped me make sure everything was set for the gate drop.


The racing on Saturday went well.  They combined my 85 stock class with the supermini and women classes and we all raced in 1 gate.  Although I was only racing my class of 85 stock riders I had fun racing with the supermini bikes also.  I had two really good starts and I was able to finish with a 1-1 for the day, even crossing the finish line before the supermini class.


Racing was finished early on Saturday and we went across the park and watched the jeeps ride over the courses.  It was cool to watch them try to figure out how to get from the start to the finish.


Sunday was Mother’s Day.  I have to thank my Mom for spending her day at the track watching me race.


Sunday I raced 85 Mod.  In the first race I didn’t get a good start and I rode really out of control.  I finished 2nd in my class and 3rd overall against my class and the Supermini bikes.  After the race my Dad worked on my suspension and made some big changes to help me in the second race.  The track was very rough for the second race and my bike handled way better.  I got a better start but still had to work my way to the front.  I was able to get by the last Supermini bike and was catching the leader.  I went for three passes but wasn’t able to make it stick and finished in a very close second.


I have to thank my Mom and my sister Hailey for spending the weekend camping and watching me race.


My Dad and Gary for working on my bikes all weekend.


…..and I have to thank my sponsors for all the support!!!!!

Thousand Oaks Yamaha,  51Fifty Energy Drink, 2X Promotions, Fly Racing, Von Zipper Goggles, Lucas Oil, RSTB, Mika Metals, FMF, Americore SMX, DVS Shoes, Acerbis, bLU cRU



This last weekend was very eventful!  Saturday morning we got up early and went to Hollister to practice for the race on Sunday.  They had made a few changes to the track and it was really fun to ride.  I did pretty well all day on Saturday and my Dad got my bike suspension working really good.

hollister08.13 082hollister08.13 093hollister08.13 063

Saturday after practice we had plans to meet up with my Grandparents and my Great Grandpa to go to a fundraiser to fight autism and cancer that was put on by the Carlos Vieira Foundation.  The event was a Portuguese Bloodless Bullfight Festival and I was excited to take my family and watch the show.  My Great Grandfather is 94 and hasn’t spoken Portuguese since my Great Grandmother died several years ago.  He was so excited to hear everyone speaking Portuguese and even started speaking it himself.  He was so funny and he loved the show.  (Mom, Hailey, Dad, Grandma, Me, Great Grandpa, Uncle Johnny, and Grandpa)


The people and the horses chased the bulls around and got them tired and then different teams tried to jump on the bull and tackle it down.  It is a really fun event and everyone had so much fun.


My sister Hailey works with special needs kids and although she loved the show, it meant even more to her that the event was for such an amazing cause.


Carlos, The Carlos Vieira Foundation and 51 Fifty Energy Drink always put together these awesome events to give back in huge ways and it is amazing how much they do for children with Autism and Cancer.  Thank you so much for all the fun Carlos…… YOU ROCK!


This is a picture of Me, My Dad, My Grandpa, and My Great Grandpa……we are an awesome group of guys!


After the show we went back to Hollister to sleep so we can race the next day.  Sunday morning I was ready to go and practice went well in the morning.

hollister08.13 178

In my first race I didn’t have the best start but in the first few turns I moved into second place and was moving in on first place.  I was getting closer to the leader and was getting ready to pass for the lead when my bike slid out on a berm and it kicked back and threw me into the front of the next jump.  My arm got jammed into the ground and I could tell it was not good.  I went to the doctor to see if it was broken, and they said it wasn’t.  woo hoo!  Just a little purple and really sore.


No worries…..Nothing broken……I will be back really soon……


I do have to thank all my friends at the track that were very concerned about my crash and helped us get all our stuff packed up so we could get to the doctors.  You are all amazing and it is really cool to have so many awesome people who care about me.


Another funny thing……  On Saturday I also lost 2 teeth.  I lost one tooth in the morning and I lost another one in the afternoon.  So Crazy.


This weekend my family went to Hollister to race the Northwest Area Qualifier.  A lot of people came out for the race and we watches a lot of good races all weekend.   The track got really rough and very rutted, but it was really fun.  My classes had some good gates and I had fun playing with my friends off the track and racing them on the track.

holl 3.1.13 110

My parents and my sister Hailey always give me a pep-talk right before the race starts.


My first day of racing was the 65cc 7-9 Stock class.   In the first race I got out of the gate a little slow but I was able to stay up and keep the lead for a 1st place win in the first race.  In the second race I got a better start and I got out to the front.  I was out in the lead and I hit a rutt and flew across the track and I hit a tree.  I was a little shaken after the crash, but I was able to get up and get back going.  I was in eighth place and I was able to battle back to 3rd place.  I finished the class with an overall 1st place finish.

holl 3.1.13 242holl 3.1.13 164holl 3.1.13 158

The second day I raced 65cc 7-11 Mod class.  In both races there was a lot of really good battles.  I finished the first race in 2nd and the second race in 3rd with a 3rd place overall finish.

holl 3.1.13 181holl 3.1.13 172holl 3.1.13 169

The plaques for the race were the coolest ever!  THEY HAVE A PICTURE OF ME ON THEM…. The picture on the plaque is from the start of the 65cc race from last year Loretta’s race when I got the hole shot.  It was pretty cool.


1st and 3rd overall finishes in the first Loretta Lynn area qualifier



This last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend and my family went to Hollister to race at the Hollister GP Track.  My Grandma and Grandpa decided to go with us this weekend and we were all excited to camp for the weekend.  We got to Hollister Friday afternoon, got settled and went to bed early for practice the next morning.

Saturday morning practice started at 8am and I was excited to get on the track.  The first round of practice went very well, I had really fast lap times and the track was really fun.

85cc practice

65cc practice

In the second round of practice I was again riding really well and half way through the 85 practice I took a fall and I was thrown over the bars.  I got back up and finished my practice and then continued practice on my 65 bike.  When the round of practice was over and I got back to my trailer I realized my hand was really hurting.  When I took my glove off I saw my knuckle was triple in size and was all purple.  I wanted to keep riding, but because it is my hand and I need to make sure I am able to hold on to my bike, my family knew that I needed to go to the hospital to get an x-ray.

After spending several hours in the hospital the x-ray showed that I had a small line on the growth plate on my knuckle.  The doctor said that I shouldn’t move my hand for a few days and then see how it heals after that.  Hopefully it will heal fast and when I follow-up it will be all better.

The guys from the cast room are really fun, but I would rather not see them again…..Sorry guys!  Instead of getting hurt I will just stop by and say HI.

This weekend we were RAINED OUT…… We were supposed to have a race at 408MX this weekend, but it was cancelled because of the expected rain. 

All week I was excited about the race at 408 and I was very sad that it was cancelled.  

Wednesday was my Mom’s Birthday and the family had cake for her. 

My Mom loved having the family all together, so I did not go to practice. 


On Thursday My Dad and I went to 408MX in San Jose.  It had been a long time since I had been to that track, so it was fun to work on the turns, jumps, and whoops. 

On Saturday we decided to go to Hollister Hills MX track to practice.  Practice was fun!  The track was really sandy and I had to remember to ride my bike a little different than I usually do.  I don’t ride on thick sand very often, so it was really good practice.  Hollister has some really big table top jumps, about 70ft.  My friend and I were on our 65’s jumping one of the jumps at the same time, and his tire hit mine in the air and I went flying.  It was a hard fall from pretty high up, but I was ok. 

I also like riding at Hollister because they have “The Elevator Shaft.”  It is so fast and fun!

 .  I love going down the elevator shaft and jumping out the other side.