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This weekend was the second round of the Amp/Gfi fall series in Hollister.  I went to practice on Saturday and the track was so much fun I had to go back on Sunday to race.  I was dressed in my new Fly Gear that was just shipped to me.


My new gear even has patches on my butt that says Yamaha.  lol


Saturday afternoon, after practice, we went to my Uncles house for a dinner party.  I had fun playing with my cousin and hanging out with the family.


Sunday we got up bright and early and drove back to Hollister for the race.  The track got really rough and I was the last moto of the day.  I had some good starts that helped me to stay out front and I finished the day with 1st in my age group class and 2nd in the open class.

Hollister 6

We had some good battles and my 51 Fifty Energy drinks helped me to keep my Thousand Oaks Yamaha out front.  It was a fun day of racing!

Hollister 4

Last week I practiced during the week as usual and planned on racing at Hollister over the weekend.  We left Friday night to camp at Hollister and race on the GP Track.  When I woke up Saturday morning the track looked awesome and I was excited to get out and ride.  Practice went really well and I rode really hard throughout the day.  A lot of my friends were not going to race the next day, and we were a little worried that not many riders would be in my class.  We spent the night Saturday night and waited to see if more riders would show up in my classes on Sunday morning.  When we woke up Sunday morning we decided to go to the 408mx Super Sunday practice day instead of staying to race.  Super Sunday was so fun!  The track was bigger with an additional section added on just for the Super Sunday practice, the track had a BBQ going and all the riders had a feast together, and they finished it off with a raffle (we won a hat and grips).  The practice schedule at 408 was great, I got a lot of time on the track and I was able to practice with some great riders.