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Posted: October 11, 2011 in Family Info, Uncategorized

Since I have a short summer break, I get a two weeks off in March and the first two weeks in October off.  So when I got back from Dodge…..NO SCHOOL!  YA.

Last week I played with my family and friends.  I spent the night at my Grandpa’s house and we woke up really early to go fishing.  My Grandpa and my Uncle Mike go all the time, but this time I went with them.  I drove the boat while they got all the poles and lines ready.  Grandpa made me hot chocolate and we threw out the lines.  Before long I had a fish on my lines.  It was fighting really hard and it was really fun to play with it.  I finally got it in the boat and the fish was going everywhere… even bounced in my cup and spilt my hot chocolate all over the boat.  I laughed so loud it was so funny.

My Uncle Mike took this picture of me on the boat and I taught him how to send picture on his cell phone so my Mom could see my fish.  I brought my fish home and my Mom made it for my Dad and my sister for dinner.  I did taste it but I didn’t like it.

I had a lot of fun…..Thanks Grandpa and Uncle Mike.

More pictures to come of me and Grandpa with the fish.