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Posted: January 17, 2011 in Family Info

I am sure you are wondering from the last post if I was able to practice on Thursday.  After not being able to practice on Tuesday, and Wednesday, we tried again on Thursday.  Everything was good until Noon when it started raining…..No practice again.  At least it started raining before my Mom loaded up the bikes this time.

This last weekend we decided to finally take the trailer out and go camping.  Since we got our new trailer we still had not taken it camping and even slept in it yet.  We loaded up the whole family, My Mom and Dad, Elyssa, Hailey, me and the dog and we left.  We had so much fun from start to finish, it is always an adventure when our family goes anywhere and this time was no different.  I rode my bike a little and Hailey drove her Polaris around.  We watched movies together and definitely used the heater a lot.  When I woke up in the morning the dog and I jumped into Hailey’s bed and it wasn’t long until Elyssa joined us for a tickle fight.  It was so fun!

Can’t wait for this week……Tuesday the 18th is my Birthday.