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At the end of the week I went back to Sacramento to be with my team and watch everyone race. It was really hard to watch my class race and not be on the track.


When our teams pro riders were ready to go out to race i got to wear the headset and communicate with the team.


After they raced the guys and I hung out…and they even let me drive…..I don’t know what they were thinking.  lol  we all had so much fun!


After the races were over they had a fashion show. I walked in the fashion show and handed out energy drinks. The announcer interviewed me…. He asked me if I drove the 51 Fifty Semi-truck to the track and I told him I did. Lol. I walked down the runway and I handed out a couple of energy drinks at the end. Of course I rocked it! (I had a video I was going to share with you but everyone was screaming so load for me, you can’t hear it very well.   🙂 )


I was really sad that I couldn’t ride on the track, it looked really good!  The team made everything soooo much fun we did a lot of really fun team things.


My Dad bought me a Cyco Cycle….It was really fun and I even learned a couple of tricks on it.  It was really cool because I could ride it without any hands.  My Mom was not happy, she thinks it is sketchy.


The guys on the team all did really good.  I had a ton of fun watching them and cheering for them during the races.  Good job guys!


I had fun hanging out with some of my other sponsors also, Larry and Dave from Moto Efx.  I love hanging out with those guys….and I love when they get me cool new graphics, because my bikes always look sick!   Call 209-649-5394 or check out the website at


While I was there and I also met Paul with Lufo’s Kustom Designs….he paints helmets and they look amazing.  He uses crazy paint that looks amazing in the sun and he even uses reflective numbers or designs that will glow in the dark or when the camera flashes….it is so cool!

Call Paul at LUFO’S KUSTOM DESIGNS 831-901-6585

The whole 51 Fifty Energy team was amazing!  Michael was so much fun…..I got to do some work around the tent and help out the team which was really cool.  It was nice to see how the system works and how things in the rig works.  Thank you Michael for letting me work with you!




This last weekend was the start of the Dodge National Race in Sacramento….which I can’t race in because of my wrist. 😦
I am excited that my 51 FIFTY team has still let me take part in the week long event. Sunday I took my bike to the track and as a team the bikes all got make overs.


Sunday was move in day for all the riders and the lot was getting full fast. The 51 FIFTY rig looked awesome and I was very excited to see my bike under the tent.


We are all sporting some very cool red and white graphics and all the bikes on the team now match. I love the new colors and design and can’t wait to see it on the track. It was really hard working on my bike with only my left hand but we all worked together and it came out awesome.


After we worked on bikes, we got to hang out and relax for a little.


Then we put all the bikes upstairs in the hauler. It is really cool to see my bike up away with the pro bikes…..hoping to be on one of the pro bikes one day.


Thank you Larry from Moto Efx for the cool graphics, you did great….as usual.


Thank you Micheal from 51 FIFTY for letting me be a part of Dodge even though I am not riding. You always make me feel welcome and I really appreciate everything you do for me.


Later this week I will be back at the track not riding, but supporting my team. Check back later for the behind the scene look at Dodge from a spectator instead of a rider this year.


Part 2 of 7


Monday morning I woke up and got ready to get on the track for the first time.  Even thought I will be racing 4 classes on 4 different bikes, I only get two fifteen minute practices on the track.  15 minutes for the 50cc bikes and 15 minutes for the 65cc bikes.

I worked to quickly figure out what jumps I could clear from the inside and which parts of the track I would have to take high lines.  I got my rhythm through the whoops and worked to find the best way through the turns in the deep rice hulls.

Both of my practice sessions were pretty early in the day, but some of the people who I race with practiced again later in the day so I watched their practices to see how the track changed in the afternoon.

All of the practice session were over early so my friends and I played in the rice hulls some more.

Every night they have an activity and I decided to enter my dog Tobi in the costume show.  We always call Tobi the Grinch, so we got some green hair paint and painter her green.  She was soooo cute and did so good on the stage.  Everyone loved The Grinch!