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A couple weeks ago my local newspaper called me

They asked me some questions to write an article about me in the newspaper.


When I left for Tennessee to race at Nationals my local newspaper wrote an article about me.

Our local paper is a free newspaper that is delivered weekly to every home in our town,and the towns around me.  

Staff writer Kyle Szymanski wrote the article below:



When Discovery Bay resident Hunter Cross fractured his tibia and fibula after falling off his dirt bike at age 7, his parents bought him a go-kart in anticipation of him switching sports.  But it didn’t take long for the youngster to leave the car in the dust.  “He came out in his cast, and said, ‘What’s that? I ride dirt bikes,’” said Kari Cross, Hunter’s mother.

Cross got back on his bike, and today, he’s soared to new heights as one of the top motocrossers in the area.

Now 10, Cross will travel to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Tennessee next week to compete in the American Motorcyclist Association’s Red Bull Amateur National Motocross Championships. After beating out more than 20,000 hopefuls from across America to earn one of the 1,446 qualifying positions, he’ll compete in the event that once saw top professionals James Stewart, Ricky Carmichael, Travis Pastrana and Jeremy McGrath turn its corners and fly off its jumps.  “The Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s is the event every motocross racer in the country wants to compete in,” said Tim Cotter, director of the event. “A win at the Amateur Nationals gives a rider instant national notoriety and can serve as a springboard to a lucrative professional motocross career.”

It’s little wonder why Cross’ stock is steadily rising in the sport. If he’s not in class at Discovery Bay Elementary, he’s usually at the Club Moto Motocross Park in Livermore or competing in such places as Los Angeles or Washington. He’s currently sponsored by the makers of the 51 Fifty Energy Drink, Moto Efx, Cyclegear, Motovision, Driven Animosity and others.

“I love it,” Cross said. “It’s one of the only things I enjoy in life.”  Riding fast and exploding off jumps provides Cross with a thrill that’s second to none, but he’s not immune to the danger of the sport. Aside from breaking his tibia and fibula, he’s also broken his arm three times, including a break he suffered in June. The ever-present risk of crashing, combined with the sheer excitement of the sport, forces his mother, father and sister to watch his races with bated breath. Their eyes, however, are fixated on a star that’s more concerned about his performance.  “I sometimes get nervous and get butterflies, but then I get on the bike and nothing is really on my mind because I am in the zone,” Cross said.

Against a pool of competitors, many of whom are home-schooled and coached by professionals, Cross has an uncanny ability to handle the bike and identify mechanical issues, Kari said. His parents, who ride dirt bikes but do not compete, are also his coaches and mechanics.  “I don’t really know what makes him so good,” she said. “He’s got good knowledge of the bike and coordination. He’s able to tell his dad when things aren’t going right with the bike, which not a lot of kids can do.”

The championships in Tennessee figure to test his skill and stamina in conditions he’s not used to racing in. He’ll race against some of the best racers in the world and just a short time after his cast is removed. While some competitors might back away from the challenge, Cross is moving full speed ahead in hopes it’ll elevate him in a sport he wants to be a part of forever.  “The first time on the track, I loved it,” he said. “I love going fast and hitting the jumps.”



Hunter Cross, 10, of Discovery Bay finished third overall at the recent American Motorcycle Association’s Amateur Motocross Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Tennessee. 

Discovery Bay’s Hunter Cross battled through pouring rain, wasps and a whole lot of mud to finish third overall in the 65 stock-age class at the American Motorcycle Association’s Amateur Motocross Nationals at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch in Tennessee.

Recovering from a broken arm, the 10-year-old finished fourth in his opening race, but a broken chain, a wasp stinging him while he rode and equipment issues played a role in his next three races. Through adversity, however, he positioned himself to finish fifth in his fifth race, which secured him an overall third-place finish. Torrid conditions on the track impeded his progress nearly the entire event, but he still enjoyed the experience.

“Like all the other riders from California, we never ride when there is even a chance of rain, so I was excited to race in the mud and see what it was like,” Cross said on his blog. “I couldn’t believe how hard it was to ride in the mud.”  For more information about Cross, go to

A couple of weeks ago I got a phone call from a reporter at THE PRESS.  The Press is a newspaper publication that is delivered each Friday to every home and business in Discovery Bay, Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley and surrounding areas.  With over 65,000 papers delivered to each door, as well as local business’, the paper is well-known in East Contra Costa County.

After a short interview, the reporter said he was going to review my website and write a story for the next edition of the paper.  The next Friday I had a half page write-up in the paper, and two weeks later the story re-ran again.

I want to thank The Press for writing the article and for mentioning my website.  I love riding dirt bikes and I love to share it with everyone.