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A few weeks ago at the track, Americore started selling their new dirt scooters…..they are so cool!


They are better than the old scooters that we used to use because they have big tires so we can ride them in rocks and dirt.  When I rode the old scooters I would fall if I hit a little rock on the sidewalk, and now we were able to ride these in the dirt.


The tires are really big and it is fun to jump on them and do tricks.


Americore also makes a personalized front plate for the scooters.  When we had them all laying outside the trailers, it was easy for everyone to find which one was theirs.  I love anything with my number on it….the front plate rocks!

photo (99)

I also want to give a special respect to Heath Cunha who passed away February 17, 2013 at the age of 42.  Although I didn’t know Heath, I know several members of the Cunha family…they are an amazing family and we are very sorry for the loss of their Brother, Uncle, Husband, Father, and Friend.


For more information and to get your dirt scooter:

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