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Last week I got back from Tennessee and I was excited to get back to practicing for the next big race.  I went to Club Moto in Livermore on Wednesday for practice.  I was riding really good, my Dad said I was looking like my old self again like before I hurt my arm.  I was having fun racing around the track and I was feeling good.  I was even wearing new socks from my Aunt Cheryl….


In my last practice session I was jumping the table top along the street and as I was coming up to the jump there was another bike (a larger bike) in front of me on the right side of the track.  As I was coming up to the jump I saw the bike in front of me started moving from the right side of the track to the left.  As I went off the jump I tried to slow down and I tried to move as far as I could to the left.  In the air I still tried to lean to the left so I wouldn’t hit the other dirt bike, but when I did that it was pushing me off the track.  When I landed on the side of the jump I flew to the bottom of the jump and crashed really hard.


It was such a hard crash that I broke my neck brace, hurt my back and my foot really bad.  It took me a while to get up because although I was hurt I also had the wind knocked out of me.  The next day I was so sore I had a hard time walking but after a few days I was able to walk fine.


Over the weekend I went to practice and as soon as I got on my bike and started going over braking bumps I felt it really bad in my back.  I couldn’t ride the way I wanted to without being in a ton of pain so my parents decided I should wait a little longer before I get on my bike.  It has been a week now since the crash and I still have a little pain but I am hoping to get back on my bike now and start riding.

Fingers crossed that no one crosses the track in front of me again!


This last weekend started off great.  On the way to the Oatfield race I stopped at BOSS to pick up my bike and all of my new suspensions.  Matt does an amazing job getting my bikes exactly how I like them……I don’t know how he does it.  My suspension has never been so good.  Thank you BOSS.

20120820-140425.jpgAfter we picked up my bike we stopped for some food.  I got a foot long hot dog and it was really hard to hold.

20120820-140432.jpgWe got to the track on Friday night and we went to bed early to get some rest for an exciting race weekend.  Saturday morning I was excited to practice and my suspension had never been better.  I felt very good on my bikes and the track was awesome.  I was having a ton of fun clearing everything and I was riding really fast and smooth. Half way through practice my bike landed in a hole, it kicked just as I was hitting another roller and I was flying through the air.  I took a really hard hit and I knew right away that something was wrong with my wrist.  I was in a lot of pain and I wasn’t having any fun at all.

20120820-140440.jpg20120820-140448.jpg20120820-140554.jpgFinally I got some pain medicine and even though I was totally mad I wasn’t riding, I felt a lot better.  I made sure that everyone knew that #71 was in the building.

20120820-140619.jpgI decided to FIX the “pain scale”

On a scale of 0 to 51FIFTY……Which one do you think I am?

20120820-140612.jpgThen the medicine just made me silly.  The splint they put on my arm was silly looking and it hurt so I made a hat out of it.

20120820-140602.jpg20120820-140632.jpg20120820-140626.jpgWhen I got back to the track a lot of my friends wanted to make sure I was OK.

20120820-140639.jpgand I got to see my bike.  I bent the handle bars really bad, blew out the master cylinder for the brakes and just made a mess of things.

20120820-140647.jpgWe decided to stay at the track and watch some races and I hated it.  It was really fun to watch everyone ride and cheer them on, but I really wanted to be on the track with them.

20120820-140654.jpg20120820-140701.jpg20120820-140709.jpgOatfield was kinda strange this weekend because several people left with kinda major injuries.  Scalvini and I both got broken wrists, Reed got a really bad concussion….and I heard that more people had broken collar bones, and other injuries.  I hope my friends and I have a very fast recovery so we can all get back on the track.

20120820-140715.jpg20120820-140721.jpgMonday I went to my doctor and got a real cast put on until I see orthopedics in about a week.

20120820-193112.jpg20120820-193124.jpg20120820-193132.jpgStill supporting my 51 FIFTY team with red and black colors, just not on the track for just a little.  I will be back on the track soon!


My neighbor Pat felt bad for my injury so we went for a ride in his razor… is totally cool.


I wrote earlier about WINNING THE HARD WAY when I raced at MMX in Marysville.  My friend Zach #19 and his family sent me the pictures and the video below of the crash I had on my 85.   Although I got a couple of bruises….I think it looks a little worse than it was.

After this fall, I got back on my bike and was able to chase everyone down to get back to the lead.