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This last weekend I traveled back to Los Angeles to race in the South Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier.  Everything about the Loretta Lynn race and qualifiers is different from any other races I do.

1.  the age groups are different from usual….Loretta has a (7-9 Stock class with kids up to 10 years old) and a (7-11 Mod class with kids up to 12 years old)

2.  Because the track is so big, they do more laps, and they have more classes…..they have practice on Friday, half the races on Saturday and half the races on Sunday.

This race was at competitive Edge and I had never been to that track before and was really excited to go some place new.

Friday practice started off good.  I had to practice my stock and mod bike because each day was a different class.  My stock bike was not running right in my second practice session so I got back on my mod bike to at least get some track time.  I took a hard fall that reminded me of Chad Reed flying through the air and I landed on my hip.  I was really sore and bruised, but was able to continue and get all my practice time in.  My Dad worked on my stock bike and made it run better for the next round of practice and I was done for the day

The track was really, really big and was very rough and challenging.  The water trucks water the track as the races go around and some parts of the track were extremely dry and other parts of the track had puddles.  The track was so rough and difficult I was really nervous to pull a tear off so I just rode through it….guess I need to practice that some more. lol

I went back to the hotel and rested and took a long soak in the bathtub.  We got up early Saturday morning and headed back to the track for the stock class races.  Not as many kids were there than expected, but they were all really fast….kids came from Texas, Australia, and as far as Japan.  I have been doing better getting off the line at my starts and we had some really great battles on the track.  Saturday I finished up the day with the 1st place trophy.  After the race on Saturday my parents took me and my friend from the track to the movies to see the Lorax.  We had a ton of fun and my Mom loved the movie.  We got back to the hotel early, watched Supercross on TV and went to bed early.

Sunday morning we woke up to 40 mile an hour winds and cold weather.  People were being thrown across the track when they jumped over the finish line and some of the triple jumps.  I didn’t have the best starts on Sunday and had to work hard to try to pass on a track that was really difficult to pass on, but I was able to move towards the front.   A couple times I almost got thrown off my bike over the tripple but stayed on and continued to battle.  I was excited to finish out the older class with a 3rd place overall finish.

Thought you might want to see a few pictures of the track ……This is the finish line jump into a huge turn and then into a triple.

This is a picture of the right quarter of the track… goes al the way to the back.