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This weekend was a little difficult because Friday night I got sick and by Saturday morning I really wasn’t feeling well.

Earlier in the week the amazing people from Moto Efx contacted me and said they wanted to try to help me with the suspension on my 85.  Not only do they do amazing work and always make my bikes look sick, they really care!  Moto Efx gave me the number to Justin from Alamo Motorsports and we were supposed to meet on Saturday to see if he could work on the problems I was having.  Even though I was sick, I was excited to go meet with Justin and see if he could help.  I was able to ride a little and Justin tried some different things on my bike, but I wasn’t 100%.  Thank you Justin for spending the day with us and helping with my bike!  Thank you Moto Efx for everything you guys do for me!!!!!!

On Sunday they had a race at Club Moto in Livermore.  My head was totally plugged up and I just didn’t feel well, but I wanted to go race.  When I got to the track Sunday morning I saw that they made a couple small changes to the track and I watched some of the big bikes to see how I should go through those sections.

I raced two 65 classes and one 85 class.  I finished 2nd in my two 65 Open classes and I finished 1st in my two 65 Intermediate classes.

In my first 85 class I finished 3rd but in my second 85 class just as the race started for some reason I wasn’t able to shift.  I looked down at my foot peg and I couldn’t see anything wrong…..I kept riding and kept trying to race but throughout the whole race I had to really work my clutch and ride in only one gear.  When the race was over I was able to stop and see what was going on and I saw that the swing arm bolt had broken off and was almost all the way off the bike.  I was so lucky it didn’t come all the way out….that would have been sooo bad.  I was able to finish the day with a 4th place overall finish.

(If the long bolt sticking out of my frame would have fallen out a little more my bike would have broken in half)

I think I might be growing a little because I can now use crates for starting blocks instead of the gas cans I had to use when I first got my 85.

A couple other random pictures…..

This weekend was super busy!  First we drove to Milford Nevada to race the Loretta Lynn Area Qualifier.  I had never been to Honey Lake MX track before and I was excited to see what it was like.  The track is right off Highway 395 and it is basically a track that goes all around the hills.  The turns were super sandy, some big and fast jumps and of course hills.  I took a hard crash in practice and hurt my foot, but after some rest it started to feel better and I was able to go by race time.

This Loretta Lynn qualifier was really big for a few reasons….(1) This was a qualifier race for both North and South divisions. (2) The Northern Regional qualifier race will be at this track so even if you have already qualified for the North at a different track you want to practice on this track for the Regional. (3) Most of the previous qualifiers have been on the same weekend as big National races when a lot of riders were not around to race.  I raced 65 7-9 Stock and 85 9-11 Stock and the kids that raced at Loretta’s last year were racing with me.  I was really excited to race and see how I could match up.

In the first 65 race I got hit by two riders in a turn and we all went down.  I got back up and battled all the way back up to 5th place…..On the last lap I got a flat rear tire but I continued to ride hard and I was able to hold on to my 5th place finish.  In the second 65 race I was able to stay up, I came out of the first turn in 8th and by the end I had almost caught the second place rider and finished in 3rd.  We had some really fun battles and raced really hard on a very rough track.  I finished the race in 3rd place and took an overall 3rd place for the day.

In the second 65 race I would say I came out of the first turn in 8th by the end I almost caught the second place rider

In both my 85 races I again had really good battles and had a ton of fun, but in both my races my rear brakes got too hot and stopped working.  It was really hard to race the track without brakes, but I was able to pull off a 12th and 9th place finishes with kids up to 12 years old.

After the races we drove home from Nevada and got home at Midnight.  We woke up Sunday morning at 6am and headed to Argyll MX in Dixon to race the CMC race.  We didn’t get to practice with everyone on Saturday and the track was completely different from the last time I rode on it, but I was excited to try to race.  I was racing 65 Intermediate, 65 Open and I moved up on my 85 to 85 Novice.

In my first 65 race as soon as I left the line my bike did not have much power.  I finished the race the best I could but my bike was not running right and I was only able to finish in 3rd.  My Dad worked on the bike and found out that I had a torn power valve, he was able to fix it for the next races.  The next three 65 races I didn’t get the hole shots but I was able to battle to the front and finish all three races in 1st place.  I took an overall 1st and 2nd.

In my first 85 race I was able to pull off a 3rd place finish.  In my second 85 race I fell on the second lap and I was able to pick up my bike and get back going.  (can you believe I got my bike up…it was sooo heavy.) I finished the second race in 5th place which gave me a 4th place overall finish.

Saturday in Nevada (Loretta Lynn Qualifier Race)

  • 65 7-9 Stock           3rd Place
  • 85 9-11 Stock         9th Place

Sunday in California (CMC Spring Series Race)

  • 65 Intermediate       2nd Place
  • 65 Open                   1st Place
  • 85 Novice                4th Place

This last weekend I raced at Argyll MX in Dixon. 

 Practice on Saturday was a mess!  The wind was blowing so hard that is was difficult to see through the dust.  My allergies were really bad and the wind made it harder to jump and dried out the track sooooo bad.  The whole day was a mess.

Although Sunday was much better, it was still really bad.  My allergies were still bad and the track was not much better.  I tried to stay in the trailer all weekend, but my eyes were red and scratchy and my head was really congested.  Although they tried to water the track often, it stayed really dry all day and very slick.

When it came time to race, I road really fast but maybe a little to fast for the track conditions.  My bike slide out several times in the races and I was UP and Down several times in each race.  When I was up I was able to work through traffic and get to the lead, but I then fell and had to work back through the other riders again.  My biggest problem is that I can’t reach the ground on my bike so I can’t start it when I fall down.  Of course I fell each time at the farthest spot away from my Dad and getting my bike started took a long time.

On my 65cc bike I fell in both races but was still able to get 1st.  On my 85cc bike I was able to stay up for the whole first race but fell twice in the second race.  Out of 9 bikes I finished in 4th.

Below is a video of me in my first 85cc race….. you can see the track conditions, and in this race I was able to stay up for all 4 laps of racing.  YA