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Last Sunday morning my family woke up early and we left for Marysville to race the second round of the CMC series at MMX.  The other riders spent the day on Saturday practicing and learning the fast lines around the track for Sunday’s race, but I was not there Saturday.  I had not been to MMX in over a year and the last time I was at the track it was totally different.

When we got to the track I was supposed to get 4 laps on my 85 and 4 laps on my 65 to learn the track and figure out how to be competitive before the race started.  During my 85 practice my bike would not run and I was not able to practice at all.  I did get the 4 laps on my 65 and then it was time to start racing.

My first race was 65 Intermediate……I got the hole shot and then was passed on the first lap.  While following behind the rider that past me, I was able to find more speed and was able to chase him back down and was looking to try to make a pass on the last lap when I slid out going over a jump and crashed.  I was able to get up and going again and finished the race in 3rd place.  In the second 65 Intermediate race…..I got another hole shot and was able to stay in the lead all the way to the end for a 1st place finish.  I ended the day with a 2nd place overall.

65 Open was my second race…..I finished in a close second place and again by the time the second round came around I was getting more comfortable on the track.  I finished the second 65 open race in 1st place and finished up the day with a 1st place overall finish.

85 Novice was a little more difficult……. My Dad changed the spark plug on my bike and it was running better.  I went out for my first race and about two laps in the bike had no power and would cut in and out.  I tried my best to finish the race, but only pulled out a 6th place finish.  My Dad worked on the carburetor and the gas tank and again thought we had the problem fixed for the second race.  Again I started out really good and then a couple laps in my bike stopped working again.  I finished the second race in 5th place and finished the day with a 5th overall.  Not bad for a half working bike!

It was hard to try to pick up on the track and other riders and ride well, but it was really fun to show up and race without seeing the track.

Check back because I am going to add pictures later…..