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This weekend was a little difficult because Friday night I got sick and by Saturday morning I really wasn’t feeling well.

Earlier in the week the amazing people from Moto Efx contacted me and said they wanted to try to help me with the suspension on my 85.  Not only do they do amazing work and always make my bikes look sick, they really care!  Moto Efx gave me the number to Justin from Alamo Motorsports and we were supposed to meet on Saturday to see if he could work on the problems I was having.  Even though I was sick, I was excited to go meet with Justin and see if he could help.  I was able to ride a little and Justin tried some different things on my bike, but I wasn’t 100%.  Thank you Justin for spending the day with us and helping with my bike!  Thank you Moto Efx for everything you guys do for me!!!!!!

On Sunday they had a race at Club Moto in Livermore.  My head was totally plugged up and I just didn’t feel well, but I wanted to go race.  When I got to the track Sunday morning I saw that they made a couple small changes to the track and I watched some of the big bikes to see how I should go through those sections.

I raced two 65 classes and one 85 class.  I finished 2nd in my two 65 Open classes and I finished 1st in my two 65 Intermediate classes.

In my first 85 class I finished 3rd but in my second 85 class just as the race started for some reason I wasn’t able to shift.  I looked down at my foot peg and I couldn’t see anything wrong…..I kept riding and kept trying to race but throughout the whole race I had to really work my clutch and ride in only one gear.  When the race was over I was able to stop and see what was going on and I saw that the swing arm bolt had broken off and was almost all the way off the bike.  I was so lucky it didn’t come all the way out….that would have been sooo bad.  I was able to finish the day with a 4th place overall finish.

(If the long bolt sticking out of my frame would have fallen out a little more my bike would have broken in half)

I think I might be growing a little because I can now use crates for starting blocks instead of the gas cans I had to use when I first got my 85.

A couple other random pictures…..

It has been difficult this week to get out and practice but it has not been from lack of trying.  Tuesday my Mom loaded up the bikes and we were going to go ride at Sand Hill which is right down the street.  The weather said we had a 40% chance of rain after 5:00.  We figured we could ride for a couple of hours and then stay a little and have fun in the rain for a little longer and go home.  On our way to the track it started sprinkling and it was only 2:30.  We kept going thinking the rain would just pass by and we would be in the clear still till 5:00.  The windshield wipers were on and we didn’t see any break in the sky at all.  By the time we were close to the tracks we could see puddles on the side of the road and knew that we should turn back and go home.  We unloaded everything and figured we would try on Wednesday.

Wednesday we were going to go to Club Moto to practice.  My Mom loaded up the bikes again, picked up my sister and I,  and my Dad was going to meet us there on his way home from work.  Half way through Vasco the truck was smelling really bad and then started smoking.  We pulled over and my Mom could see that some liquid had been blown all over the engine – not good.  We were stuck on the side of the road until my Dad could come and see if it was fixable.  We were so close to the track we were thinking that maybe friends could pick us up on their way to the track and my Mom could stay and wait for a tow truck if we needed to….I was ready to get to the track.  At this point it was starting to get late and we could tell that going riding was out again.  My Dad showed up and found that it was diesel fuel that was blowing out through one of the injector lines.  We called AAA to come pick us up and got ahold of our friend Mark who said he would pick up the part for us on his way home from work.  The tow truck showed up and they brought the wrong kind of truck.  They said they would put a call in for a different tow truck and again we were waiting on the side of the road.  Three hours later Mark was driving home with the part and my Dad fixed the truck and drove it home.  My Dad can fix anything with a wrench and a wire.  🙂  Thank you Mark, we might still be on the side of the road if it wasn’t for you.

Now it is Thursday and it is calling for small showers………Do we even try to go riding?

Mom made us sit in the truck with our seatbelts on the whole time.  Uggh