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Posted: November 18, 2010 in Dirt Bike, motocross, Pictures, Uncategorized
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A dirt bike frame is made of “Chromoly” tubing.  (Chromoly is like steel on steroids.  It contains Chromium and molybdenum a splash of carbon and mostly iron).  A dirt bike frame is the main component of a dirt bike that the wheels and engine and other components are fitted on.  The frame design for a dirt bike consists of triangles holding the main support of the bike.  The triangle shape is used for extra strength and support.  The dirt bike suspension (front forks and rear spring) also absorb the impact when I jump.  My bikes are made with extra stong metal, we have the best suspension, and is constructed to withstand impact.  My Dad and Grandpa have added extra support pieces to ensure that my bikes are as safe as possible for me. 

Although the bikes are made with the best metal and designed with jumping in mind, this one did not make it.  I wonder if the builder knows how much I ride these bikes and how far I jump?  I am so lucky it did not break as I was in the air, I would have had an extra hard landing!    😦

My Dad had some advice for me…..maybe I should not jump 70 foot triples.

I had some advice for Dad….buy some extra bike frames!