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This last weekend started off great.  On the way to the Oatfield race I stopped at BOSS to pick up my bike and all of my new suspensions.  Matt does an amazing job getting my bikes exactly how I like them……I don’t know how he does it.  My suspension has never been so good.  Thank you BOSS.

20120820-140425.jpgAfter we picked up my bike we stopped for some food.  I got a foot long hot dog and it was really hard to hold.

20120820-140432.jpgWe got to the track on Friday night and we went to bed early to get some rest for an exciting race weekend.  Saturday morning I was excited to practice and my suspension had never been better.  I felt very good on my bikes and the track was awesome.  I was having a ton of fun clearing everything and I was riding really fast and smooth. Half way through practice my bike landed in a hole, it kicked just as I was hitting another roller and I was flying through the air.  I took a really hard hit and I knew right away that something was wrong with my wrist.  I was in a lot of pain and I wasn’t having any fun at all.

20120820-140440.jpg20120820-140448.jpg20120820-140554.jpgFinally I got some pain medicine and even though I was totally mad I wasn’t riding, I felt a lot better.  I made sure that everyone knew that #71 was in the building.

20120820-140619.jpgI decided to FIX the “pain scale”

On a scale of 0 to 51FIFTY……Which one do you think I am?

20120820-140612.jpgThen the medicine just made me silly.  The splint they put on my arm was silly looking and it hurt so I made a hat out of it.

20120820-140602.jpg20120820-140632.jpg20120820-140626.jpgWhen I got back to the track a lot of my friends wanted to make sure I was OK.

20120820-140639.jpgand I got to see my bike.  I bent the handle bars really bad, blew out the master cylinder for the brakes and just made a mess of things.

20120820-140647.jpgWe decided to stay at the track and watch some races and I hated it.  It was really fun to watch everyone ride and cheer them on, but I really wanted to be on the track with them.

20120820-140654.jpg20120820-140701.jpg20120820-140709.jpgOatfield was kinda strange this weekend because several people left with kinda major injuries.  Scalvini and I both got broken wrists, Reed got a really bad concussion….and I heard that more people had broken collar bones, and other injuries.  I hope my friends and I have a very fast recovery so we can all get back on the track.

20120820-140715.jpg20120820-140721.jpgMonday I went to my doctor and got a real cast put on until I see orthopedics in about a week.

20120820-193112.jpg20120820-193124.jpg20120820-193132.jpgStill supporting my 51 FIFTY team with red and black colors, just not on the track for just a little.  I will be back on the track soon!


My neighbor Pat felt bad for my injury so we went for a ride in his razor… is totally cool.