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Last weekend was very busy……and very fun!!!  It started Friday night with my friend Cody’s birthday party.  Cody turned 10 and I went to a pizza party for him and a lot of my dirt bike friends were there.  After the party a group of us went to play lazar tag and then we had a sleep over at the Braap Shop.   THANK YOU CODY


It was soooooo cool… Brett and Melanie (owners of the Braap Shop) let us kids play games and run around in the store all night and when we got tired we slept on the floor in the middle of the store.  It was really cool to sleep with all the dirt bikes, gear, toys and everything around me.


That is a picture of all of us sleeping…….can you see who got the bed?   🙂 


In the morning when we got up the Braap Shop was having a Breakfast With Santa day at the shop.  They had a “hot rod” sleigh and a biker Santa inside the shop and tons of people came to take pictures.  Brett even gave everyone rides around in the sleigh.


Saturday night was the parade of lights at my house.  I live on a lake and boats decorate with lights and parade around the lake.  They had huge trees, a train, an airplane, lots of music and load horns.  It was cool to watch it all from the house.


Sunday morning I got up and I went riding at a track that my friend took me to.  It had rained throughout the weekend so the track was perfect and I had a lot of fun riding all day and playing.  I was trying to do a trick for the camera and ended up laying on my side.  lol



Part 5 of 7

DAY FIVE (Thursday) – 2 RACES

I got up early and got ready for my races.  I had two races first thing in the morning and then nothing the rest of the day.

My first race was the 65 Mod race.  I didn’t get the best start but I battled back and forth with some riders and was able to finish the race in 7th place.

The second race was 50 Mod.  I was out of the gate very fast, but I bounced in a rutt down the start and slid back causing my bike to wheelie.  I had to let off the gas to get the bike back on the ground so I could get my feet back on the pegs.  Even with the bad start I was able to fight back to 4th place.

It was another hot day and since I was done racing I stayed in the trailer with the A/C and played Xbox with my friends.

I modeled in the Fashion Show for the BRAAP SHOP.  I wore a Fly hat, shirt and reversible jacket.  I had a lot of fun with my friends and walking in the fashion show.