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A couple of weeks ago I got hooked up with a television producer that was filming 5 episodes of a TV show about people who do extreme sports. They asked if they could do an episode about me and dirt bike racing……YES!

Last Friday we filmed the show and it was amazing! The whole thing was totally cool and it was really fun to see how it all works, I couldn’t believe how much goes into it.

First I need to say Thank You to Ralph at 408MX for letting us shoot the dirt bike stuff at his track. It was very strange when we showed up at the track because I have never been to 408MX and no one was in the parking lot. We got to the track early to get all my bikes ready to go.


Shortly after we got there, a ton of people showed up to start filming the show…..they had several film people, photographers, production people, people who handled contracts that needed to be signed, and the hosts of the show. Soon it was time to start filming…The filming at the race track took about 4 hours. They would set up the cameras in a spot on the track and I would do several takes in that one spot and then they would adjust the cameras in a different angle and I would do the same spot some more. Then we would move to a different spot on the track and do it all again. Before I even got on the track we did about 7 takes of me putting on my gear and starting my bike. It was really cool they would start with the cameras far away from me and by the end they were right on top of me.


After we got the shots of me getting ready… was time to go ride. First the cameras got set up at the end of the finish line jump and in the first turn. Then they moved to the middle of the jump and then on the back side of the jump. Each camera filmed on opposite sides of the track and they took pictures at the same time also. (I think the pictures were to do a press kit about the episode, but I’m not sure)


Then I waited while they set the camera’s up in a different spot on the track. We did this in about 7 different spots on the track. They would tell me what kind of shot they were trying to get and what part they would be filming and I would try to jump right in the spot they were at.


The guys wanted to stand on the track to get the closest shot, but I think they were a little scared I was going to land on them. I convinced them that they could stand on the track and I wouldn’t hit them and I think they got some really great shots.


After we were done getting all the shots of me riding, it was time for me to be interviewed with one of the hosts of the show. I was interviewed by Josh Williams who was totally fun. Throughout the day Josh and I started picking on each other and got real silly, you will see that part in a little.


I think the interview went well. I was a little nervous at first, but I started having fun with Josh and then it was better…..I hope!


After the interview, the hosts and I had to go and shoot at the second location…..Rock Climbing. I had never been rock climbing before and I was a little sore from riding all morning (because I haven’t rode in 2 months because of my broken wrist) But, I was ready to go!


We waited for the cameras to get set up and then it was time to start climbing. We did 3 different climbs and it was me and each of the three hosts of the show (Leila, Karyn, and Josh). The cameras set up one on the ground and one up on the second level and I started climbing.


After my climb, I watched and cheered on each of the hosts, and we all took turns watching.


By the time we got to the last wall….I was so tired and my arms felt like jello. I was very excited I was able to finish and get to the top. A few times during the climb I was thinking that was far enough, but they all cheered me on and I made it. (not all the hosts made it to the top of the last one….you know who you are. lol)


Between takes I liked to pick on Josh and he and I had fun messing with each other. Thanks for having fun with me!


Of course I also had a ton of fun with the girls…they were totally awesome, and much prettier than Josh. 🙂


After we were all done filming, we went out to lunch with everyone and even though it was totally fun, I was so tired and my muscles were very sore….I think I might have slept through lunch. lol

We finished filming for the day, but I do get to see everyone again for a third location that we will be filming at in about a week……I CAN’T WAIT!

I got to see some of the shots through the camera that they took of me riding and it looked AMAZING! I can’t wait to see the show and what it will all look like put together. I will keep you all posted when all the editing is done and after it is given to the network. The whole experience was amazing and I was so lucky to have been given the chance to experience something as cool as making a TV show… is a lot more complicated than I thought it would be.



Please support Leila, Karyn, and Josh! Make sure you LIKE their Facebook page (PRO X TEAMS) to see upcoming show information.



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Because Sunday was Mother’s Day this weekend’s race was on Saturday in San Jose at 408MX.  Saturday was also my sister Hailey’s prom, so Mom drove to the track separately and stayed for only a little then left to help my sister get ready for her prom.

I rode really well, but I did make a mistake on my 85 race that really messed up my final results.  In my first 85 race I was in 3rd place and on the last lap I slid out on a turn they had just put water on in the back of the track.  I was able to lift up my bike and I worked really hard to get it started and I was finally able to get it started just as I fell over again.  By the time I got my bike up a second time and got going I finished the race in last place……I really wish my legs would grow!  In the second 85 race I rode well again and was in 2nd place….this time I was able to stay up and finish the race in 2nd place.  With my good finish and my bad finish I ended the day with a 5th place overall finish in the 85 class.

All 4 of my 65 races went really well, but I did have something crazy happen in one of my races…..  On my second lap I went into the back and coming out of a turn they were watering the track and not only did I ride through a huge puddle I also got sprayed with the water hose.  I was totally wet and it was hard to see through my goggles because they were soaked.  It was like 90 degrees so the water felt good, but it was hard to see through my goggles and because my hands were wet it was hard to hold onto the bike also.  I was able to finish the race and I still got 1st place but it was kinda crazy.                      

I was able to finish all 4 of my 65 races in 1st place.

My sister looked really pretty for her prom!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we made it all about Mom.  I love you Mom!

It has been a while since I put a video on, so I thought it was time.  This is a video of my helmet cam during my 65cc practice at 408mx a few weeks ago.

This weekend I raced all three of my dirt bikes at the 408MX night race.  I raced my 50cc, 65cc, and 85cc dirt bikes.

50cc:  On both my 50 races I got good starts and raced hard to stay out front and finish both races in 1st place.

65cc:  On my first 65 race I also had a really good race and finished 1st.  At the end of the race I had a bike problem and I wasn’t going to be able to compete in the second race.  My friend Dustin #00 let me barrow his bike for the second race.  We all have a lot of money invested in our dirt bikes, and it was very cool that Dustin and his family was OK with me riding on his bike.  We didn’t have any time to tape over the numbers, so the score keepers had to score us off the numbers on the back of our chest protectors. lol  I had an OK start and within a few turns I was able to get the hang of the new bike and battle up to the front.  I was able to finish the race in 1st and took the 1st place overall.

85cc:  In my first 85 race I had a really hard battle and was able to finish the race in 1st place.  During the second race I was in the lead and slid out on the last lap.  I was able to finish the race in 3rd place and got a 2nd place overall.

After the race was over my friend Justin and I thought it would be funny to battle each other on the top of the potium….then a few silly faces.


Wednesday at 408MX was Red Bull Ride Day and it was an adventure from start to finish.  We decided to go to 408MX to practice Tuesday night and then stay the night to watch the show put on by Red Bull during the day, and then practice again on Wednesday night.  The weather said barely any rain in San Jose, but half way to the track it started pouring and never stopped.

When we arrived Tuesday afternoon they already had a few of the Red Bull and a Fox trailers at the track.  It was kinda cool to feel like a pro arriving at the “location” with the big rigs the night before the event.  Since we were not going to be able to practice, we went and got some dinner then watched a movie and went to bed.

We woke up to Red Bull playing music and putting up their tents.  They had a huge tent with a lounge under it, a ton of bikes, food, and of course all the Red Bull you could want.

While they were setting up I got to lay in the lounge, sit on some of their bikes, talk to people from Red Bull, Fox, KTM, Motion Pro, etc.  And look how cool my bike looks in front of one of the KTM trucks.

The ride for the invited riders started around 10 and it was really fun to watch those guys rip.  The track started out very wet, but came in pretty fast.  It was fun to watch RONNIE RENNER, JESSY NELSON, and some of the guys that I know personally like, Dom Garman, Will Longo, Jeff Pestana, and Gary Plaatje.  Everyone was really fast, but Jessy Nelson……AMAZING!

After watching them ride all morning, it was finally time for the open ride day.  There had to be about 300 riders that showed up for the event, the place was packed.

They had set up banners and signs all over the track and a Red Bull tunnel to ride under.

This is how deep the ruts were that they left us……most of the time it was faster to rail around the outside, but I had to try the ruts they were using.  It was pretty cool.

I like this picture because you can see one of the Red Bull and Fox trucks and one of the Red Bull tents in the background.

It was a fun day, but by the end I was so tired.  A couple final pictures acting silly with my friends and one with Jessy Nelson, some free gifts from Ronnie Renner, Fox, Motion Pro, Red Bull, etc and we were on our way home.