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Saturday I went to 408MX and practiced a little in the morning and then raced the night race.  Practice went really well, I found some fast lines and had fun riding with my friends. 

In both of my 65 races I got the hole shot and was able to stay out front for the whole race and finish in 1st.   It was really fun to get out front and ride my race without having to battle through any traffic and stay in front.

In my 85 race I had a few more challenges.  They combined the 85cc bikes and the 150cc bikes in the same race.  At the start one of the other bikes hit me and came into my lane and I had to let off the gas to avoid going down.  Around the first few turns I worked my way up to fourth and had two of the 15occ bikes in front of me.  I was able to pass the first one jumping over one of the triples and work on catching the next bike.  A lap and a half later I was right behind the next 150cc and working hard to make a pass.  I was faster than him, but it was really hard to make a pass.  His bike was faster in the straight lines, and I was faster in the turns and we battled back and forth.  I again used the same triple to jump over him and going into the turn after the jump he slid over into me and I got pushed over the burm and took a really hard crash.  With my back hurting and my bike a mess, I was not able to finish the race.

My Dad was able to get my bike fixed enough for me to race in the second 85cc race.  I had a much better start, but was still behind the two 150cc bikes.  I got right around the first bike, but then found myself right behind the same bike that I crashed with earlier.  I chased him down and stayed really close to him waiting for a good time to pass.  Coming around for the next lap, he doubled the finish line jump and I tripled over the top of him and was able to get in front of him.  It was such a great battle to try to find a way around him and be able to make the pass.

I ended the night with a 1st place trophy and some cool hole shot awards including an awesome Fox hat.

This weekend was super fun!  Saturday I went with my friend Justin and his Dad to see the pro’s race the first outdoor race at Hangtown in Sacramento.  I ride a lot on that track and it was so fun to see my favorite riders on one of my home tracks.

Sunday I woke up early and we picked up Justin to go riding at 408MX in San Jose.  Practice was sooo great!  I was riding really fast and clearing some really big jumps.

When we were done with practice…..My Dad and Mom took us to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to ride some rides.  Justin and I ran from one ride to another.  It wasn’t very crowded, we ran around for 4 hours and we had so much fun.


This weekend we were RAINED OUT…… We were supposed to have a race at 408MX this weekend, but it was cancelled because of the expected rain. 

All week I was excited about the race at 408 and I was very sad that it was cancelled.  

Wednesday was my Mom’s Birthday and the family had cake for her. 

My Mom loved having the family all together, so I did not go to practice. 


On Thursday My Dad and I went to 408MX in San Jose.  It had been a long time since I had been to that track, so it was fun to work on the turns, jumps, and whoops. 

On Saturday we decided to go to Hollister Hills MX track to practice.  Practice was fun!  The track was really sandy and I had to remember to ride my bike a little different than I usually do.  I don’t ride on thick sand very often, so it was really good practice.  Hollister has some really big table top jumps, about 70ft.  My friend and I were on our 65’s jumping one of the jumps at the same time, and his tire hit mine in the air and I went flying.  It was a hard fall from pretty high up, but I was ok. 

I also like riding at Hollister because they have “The Elevator Shaft.”  It is so fast and fun!

 .  I love going down the elevator shaft and jumping out the other side.