Posted: May 29, 2017 in Race Results, Uncategorized

I got cleared from the doctor two weeks ago after breaking my back in March.  I was able to practice at my local track a handful of times but time is running out to qualify for Nationals in Tennessee.   This weekend was the first round of qualifying at Washougal MX in Washington.  I was feeling good on my bike and ready to get back to racing and asked my parents if I could go.  My Mom thought it would be good to go and get a gate and a practice in on a large track…. I was going to race!


I had my bike looking good.


I was looking good.


I had my WIENERSCHNITZEL DAWG, my 51 FIFTY ENERGY DRINK, and it was time to race!

I had some really good starts and I rode hard even though the track got a little sketchy from time to time.  I finished out the weekend with TWO TICKETS TO LORETTA LYNN’S NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP RACE!

I was happy to get my tickets to Nationals at the first round.  My parents couldn’t believe that after just a couple of practices I was able to take so many wins over the weekend, but I knew I could do it.  Now I can take some time to practice and get more and more comfortable on the bike.



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