Posted: April 5, 2017 in Uncategorized

Several months back I did a post about how my Leatt chest protector saved me from getting really burnt during practice.  My bike was stuck on top of me and the pipe was burning my back.  I had to wait for someone to come and help me get my bike off me and my jersey and back brace were all burnt.

Leatt sent me out a new neck brace and chest protector that looked like this.

I wear the back brace under my shirt so this is what it looks like when I am riding.

As you know I was in a bad crash in Texas and I broke my back.  The doctors said if I would have had any more of an impact I would have a lot worse injury and a very different recovery.

After crashing head first into the face of a jump and having my bike land on my back, I am lucky I was wearing my Fly helmet and Leatt neck and back brace.  I did break my back but imagine how bad it would have been with no safety gear.  Very scary!

I am very grateful for the support from Leatt.  The products they provide for our sport is very important and I know it saved me twice already.  I was very happy to do a photo and video shoot for Leatt even before this accident…… I am happy to do anything I can to get the word out and tell people to wear all your safety gear when you put your leg over a dirt bike.

….and all the people at Leatt are awesome!  When I got home they sent me a gift box with shirts, hats and a very nice card with notes from everyone in the company.  Thank you to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery, it was very nice of you all.

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