Leg Update

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

I know I told you that I broke my Tib/Fib when I was in South Carolina.  I thought you might want an update on my leg.

Broken Tib/Fib in South Carolina


I went into surgery to fix it and I got 3 screws and a few really good scars.


When I got back home I knew that something wasn’t right….this was one clue


The doctors at home saw that my fib was never fixed and that the bone was actually short and had pulled away from my ankle.  I wasn’t happy, but it was back into surgery


The doctor had to re-break my bone, stretch it out and put a plate in it.  I got more hardware and a new scar.


I am thinking about being Frankenstein for Halloween….

what do you think?


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