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Last week I got back from Tennessee and I was excited to get back to practicing for the next big race.  I went to Club Moto in Livermore on Wednesday for practice.  I was riding really good, my Dad said I was looking like my old self again like before I hurt my arm.  I was having fun racing around the track and I was feeling good.  I was even wearing new socks from my Aunt Cheryl….


In my last practice session I was jumping the table top along the street and as I was coming up to the jump there was another bike (a larger bike) in front of me on the right side of the track.  As I was coming up to the jump I saw the bike in front of me started moving from the right side of the track to the left.  As I went off the jump I tried to slow down and I tried to move as far as I could to the left.  In the air I still tried to lean to the left so I wouldn’t hit the other dirt bike, but when I did that it was pushing me off the track.  When I landed on the side of the jump I flew to the bottom of the jump and crashed really hard.


It was such a hard crash that I broke my neck brace, hurt my back and my foot really bad.  It took me a while to get up because although I was hurt I also had the wind knocked out of me.  The next day I was so sore I had a hard time walking but after a few days I was able to walk fine.


Over the weekend I went to practice and as soon as I got on my bike and started going over braking bumps I felt it really bad in my back.  I couldn’t ride the way I wanted to without being in a ton of pain so my parents decided I should wait a little longer before I get on my bike.  It has been a week now since the crash and I still have a little pain but I am hoping to get back on my bike now and start riding.

Fingers crossed that no one crosses the track in front of me again!


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