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Since I am still hurt I can’t ride my dirt bike, but with only one arm I can’t do many things.  This last weekend my family went to Stockton 99 Raceway.  The 51 Fifty Energy Drink car and all the guys were at the track racing so I knew I would have fun cheering them on.  On the way to the track my sister Hailey and I rocked out to music.


When we got to the track I saw the 51 Fifty girls and we took some pictures.


The races were really fun and we saw a lot of different kids of cars race.  I was excited for the main event to watch and cheer on the 51 Fifty team.  Carlos qualified 5th and was in second place in the beginning of the race.  His car was a little loose and he fell back to 5th.  The 6th place car was also loose and he bumped Carlos in turn 1 and 2 and in turn 3 and 4 he pushed him again but this time Carlos went into the wall.  Part of the car broke and he was not able to continue in the race.  I was sad he wasn’t able to finish, but the racing was still really good and fun to watch.


After the race was over I went into the pits to see everyone on the team.


It was really fun to see everyone on the team.  I don’t get a chance to see the guys very often because I am usually racing or practicing, but when I am hurt I get to say Hi to everyone.


The tool box the guys use is really cool, but it has an awesome sticker on the side of it.  I love this sticker!


It was nice seeing everyone, good luck at the next race!

If you guys like all kinds of racing, make sure you find out when they will be at a track near you and stop by and say Hi.

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