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This last weekend we went to LA to race a Road To Mammoth qualifier race at Comp Edge.  All weekend long I didn’t have very good luck, but I kept riding really hard and I never gave up.  Not very good results for the amount of effort I put in, but that happens sometimes.  Let me tell you what happened…..

Let me start by saying that the weather was horrible.  It was extremely cold and the wind was blowing so hard it was difficult to even walk.  Everyone was wearing layers and layers of clothes and it felt like we were in the snow.  The wind kept changing directions so it was a little difficult to go over the jumps.  Sometimes the wind would be at your back and help you clear a jump and sometimes it blew sideways and when you went into the air it tried to blow you off the side of the track.


Saturday we got to the track to practice and the first part of the day is open practice, which in LA means that all bikes get to practice on the track at the same time.  The track was really muddy in some spots, but I was getting the feel for the track.  After a few laps I started picking up my speed and clearing all the jumps.  I jumped the finish line jump and came up a little short and cased the landing.  When I landed the bike kicked me over and the bike and I went flying and landed at the bottom of the jump.  I was pretty hurt and I knew I was in a bad spot so I started to crawl off the track.  The flagger at the top of the jump didn’t see my crash and he didn’t put up the yellow flag to tell the other riders I was down on the bottom of the jump.  The fourth big bike was in the air coming over the jump and when he landed he had nowhere to go and totally ran me over.  After the bike ran me over, the guys bike, him and I were flipping.  My elbow pad was thrown away from me and my helmet even broke.  I was so sore on the entire right side of my body it was hard for me to even walk.

This is the jump I fell on in practice.


My parents wanted to go home and let me rest my injuries, but I really wanted to stay and keep riding.  I went out for the rest of the practices throughout the day and I did OK, but I wasn’t feeling 100%.  I was excited to get back to the hotel and take a bath to get warm and rest my muscles.  I knew that I would be ready to race the next morning.

When we got back to the hotel I had fun because a lot of my friends from the track were staying at the hotel also.  The hotel has a banquet room and we all hung out in there and watched Supercross together.  Ryan ordered pizzas for everyone and they were the biggest pizzas I had ever seen.  After supercross was over it was time to go up to my room and soak in the bath.


The next morning the wind got worse and it was time to go racing.  In the first race I had a really bad start. (The start is on cement instead of dirt and I was a little off on my clutch) I ended up going sideways out of the gate and had to let off the gas to get straightened out, so I was in about last place coming up to the first turn.  I was able to pass a lot of bikes in the first couple of turns and by the time I came out of the back I was in third place.  I was riding hard to catch the front guys, but they had really good starts and I had a lot of work to do to reel them in.  I was starting to get a little closer to second place and I was trying some new lines on the track to try to find some more speed and I went down.  I took a handle bar to my leg that gave me a really bad charlie horse, but I got back on my bike and kept racing.  I was able to finish the race in third place which wasn’t bad for the start I had and that I went down.

compedge2.23 065

The second race of the day started just like the first, I was still off on my clutch and the bike went sideways again.  I again was able to race into third place and in the five laps of the race I was gaining on leaders but didn’t have enough laps to catch them.  I again finished the race in third place.  I knew I had to get a better start in the next race and I talked to my Dad about what I should change to do it.  The kids that I was racing are fast and I can’t let them get so far out infront of me if I want any chance of trying to pass them.

compedge2.23 112

The third race of the day I was on the line and I was ready to go.  I got out of the gate much better and I was in third place by the first turn.  I was able to pass into second place and I was chasing down the leader.  On the second lap I was gaining on the leader and I felt something was wrong with my bike.  I knew it didn’t have as much power all of a sudden, I came over the finish line jump and I knew my bike didn’t have the power to hit it.  I tried to keep riding the best I could, but about two turns later my motor locked up.  I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to finish the race, I was having so much fun battling.  Instead of a good finish I ended up with a DNF.

compedge2.23 117

In the fourth race of the day I was going to have to race the fast kids on thier mod bikes with my stock bike.  I knew that it was going to be hard but that I could do it if I got off the line good and I rode really hard.  I did get off the line really good and by the second turn I was in third place.  I again was chasing down the second place guy and I was staying close with him when the pipe on my bike broke off.  Once the pipe came off my bike I had no power and it slowed the bike down a lot.  After my pipe came off I knew I wouldn’t be able to catch the leaders and I tried hard not to lose any positions.  I was not able to clear the two big jumps on the track, but I did push my bike to get everything else I could and tried to keep my speed up as much as possible.  I was able to finish the race in third place.


I rode really hard all weekend and I did really well, but I didn’t have the finishes to show for it.  With the DNF in the one class I didn’t qualify in that class and I will have to race at another qualifying event and in the other class I got 3rd place overall.


My Dad and Mom were very proud of me for pushing hard all weekend and the were happy that I never gave up….. It still would have been nice to have a win.  lol

Monday night my Dad let me take my motor apart to see what we needed to do to fix it.  It was cool to see all the parts that are inside the motor and I had fun taking it apart with my Dad.



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