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This year Christmas was extra fun at our house because it wasn’t just my sisters and I we also had my niece who turned 1 the week before Christmas.  Because she had her birthday just before Christmas, by the time Christmas morning came she knew exactly what was going on and she was ready to see what was in all the packages….. it was so funny.

Christmas Eve we had dinner and gifts at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins.  We played some fun games that were crazy and loud with all of us….and I won $22 – awesome!  I also got some great gifts including a new chest protector, new shoes, an I love haters hat, etc.  Grandma and Grandpa also gave everyone CASH…..Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!


We came home from my Grandparents house and made some cookies for Santa and went to bed.  When we woke up we had a ton of gifts under the tree and Lola even had a slide.   My Grandparents and my Brother-In-Law’s parents and grandma came over to watch everyone open presents. Lola got lots of toys and clothes, my sisters got clothes, money, nail stuff, makeup, and a bunch of girly stuff, and……..  I got an awesome neck brace, Black Ops II, XBox points, a bean bag, legos, games, dirt bike stuff, etc.  When we were all done it was time for the SCAVENGER HUNT.


Every year my parents give us one bigger gift but we have to play a game or something to get the gift.  Years before we had to play the game of Survivor, we had to follow different color yarn through our neighborhood to find our gift, we have scavenger hunts, etc.  This year because it was raining outside and because Lola was little Mom and Dad kept the game inside with THE 12 CLUES OF CHRISTMAS.  Each clue lead us to another clue and we kept going all together until we found the last three clues that were for each of us individually   My sister Hailey’s clue lead her to a spot where she found a new stereo and speakers for her car.  My niece Lola’s clue lead her to a spot where she found a Strider, and my clue lead me to a new IPHONE……Yah!  Thanks Mom and Dad.


After breakfast and playing with all the stuff we got, we got ready to go to my Mom’s Aunts house for more Christmas fun with the extended family.  Everything was extremely tiring and extremely fun!


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