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My family drove to Los Angeles this last week to practice on a few tracks.  The trip was a little up and down…….

On Saturday we got up and went to Comp Edge to practice.  The practice went well and I had fun on the track, but the weather was really bad.  It was very cold and super windy!

Sunday we went to practice at Lake Elsinore.  When we got to the track it was raining and cold outside. 

After about an hour the rain left, the sun came out and the track was perfect.

As soon as the rain cleared up I was on the track and riding.

Anthony and I took some pictures for the 51 Fifty / Moto Efx guys.  I had to get a little silly in one of the pictures, you know me.  lol

We waited while they prepped the track after lunch and then it was back to riding.

After they prepped the track again I went back to riding and things didn’t go as good.  I was clearing this jump (pictures below) just like I did right before lunch, but now the track was not the same and I came up a little short on the jump and got very hurt.  After I got my breath back, my legs were very bruised up and very sore. 

The plan was to stay in LA and ride some different tracks with my Mom and my sister, but I had five huge bruises that covered most of my legs.  I went to the other tracks but because I could bearly walk I wasn’t able to get much practice in. 😦 

My sister and I went to visit my Grandma while we were in LA. 

We had to wear name tags, so I filled out my name…..MOTOCROSS

  1. Palmer says:

    Very nice of you to visit your grandmother…way to go kiddo

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