Posted: November 15, 2012 in motocross, Pictures, Uncategorized

This last Monday was Veterans day and now that I have a Brother-In-Law in the military I can really understand how amazing the people in the military are and the kinds of sacrifices they make for us.  THANK YOU NICK!  I also want to thank the military families for the sacrifices they make as well.

This last weekend I did a lot of practicing, and because we had a holiday on Monday….that meant 3 days of riding.  My sister Hailey went with us this weekend and that was really fun.

I went to bed early Friday night and we woke up early Saturday morning to get to the track when they opened.  It was really cool because I was the only person on the track for the first 15 minutes of practice.  I loved that I got to make my own lines and work on practicing on a wet track.  I even had time to show off my huge muscles!

After practicing all day we went to the hotel and I hung out in the hot tub with my friend from the track.  It was soooo cold all day the hot water felt really good.

The next day we were all back at a different track to work on different skills.  It was so cold in the morning, but we were there and ready to ride.

It was very cool that Monday tracks were open also……so back to a different track for another day of practice.  I was able to ride a lot on Monday and I had a really fun weekend.

I am excited to get all the riding in I can because the rain is coming soon.  😦

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