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My first Halloween my Mom dressed me up as a TURTLE….Really!  I know I wasn’t old enough to say what I wanted to be, so lets all be happy that I now get to decide what I am going to be for Halloween each year.


My second Halloween I refused to wear any costumes.  My parents tried to buy me several different costumes that they thought were cool, but I think I was still traumatized from the year before and I said no costume.  My Mom dressed my in camo clothes and told everyone I was HUNTER THE HUNTER.


The next year I wanted to wear a costume and I was BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.  I loved the costume so much I would wear it all the time for like a month.  I will update with a picture of me in it later, but trust me I looked amazing. 

To infinity and beyond!

After I grew out of my Buzz phase I was into the BLACK SPIDERMAN….not the red spiderman, I liked the evil one better.  This started my fun with wanting to scare everyone on Halloween.


The next year I was the EVIL JESTER.  I took the regular Jester costume and also got a scary mask to make it a little different.


The next year I put another costume together and I also made up my own name….I was THE MASTER OF DEATH.  Pretty good, right?


Then it was time to be an EVIL CLOWN.  I actually had two different ways of wearing this costume.  I had a scary mask and I also painted my face so I could scare everyone twice.


Last year I was the GRIM REAPER complete with a bloody knife.  I would just stand in the doorway of people and stare at them…..I didn’t say anything, they wanted me to say trick-or-treat but I didn’t I just stood there.  The people would be kinda nervous and but a candy in my bag and close the door.  I would just stay till they were gone, it was sooooo funny.


and this year I was THE HEADLESS HORSEMAN.  It was pretty cool because I even had to wear shoulder pads so it would look like my head was really missing.


My whole school does a parade for Halloween and we go to my mom’s office and she passes out candy to everyone.  This year she dressed up as CARRIE.  None of my friends knew who she was, but all of the adults and teachers kept saying she looked like a really cool Carrie and they thought it was funny her name is really Kari.


Can’t wait till next year!

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