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This weekend was the Verb Classic race at Oatfield.  Because I broke my wrist last weekend, I was not able to race.  My (51 FIFTY/ Moto Efx) team was racing and my family and I went to the race to support the other riders.  It was a lot of fun to have the whole team together and hangout with the guys.


All of the guys on the team did really awesome in all of thier races!


I was so sad that I couldn’t get on the track and ride!  I sat on the side, held my friends little dog and watched the action.


I did try to show support on my broken arm with some stickers.


After the races were over the team and I went to the race shop to get ready for an outing with the guys.  The shop was soooooo awesome!  It was full of 51 FIFTY Energy drinks.


And some of Carlos’ race cars were there.  I even got to sit in a couple of them.  I felt like I was a Nascar racer….they were totally cool.

20120827-113331.jpg20120827-113340.jpg20120827-113348.jpgWhen everyone got to the shop we all went to the Portuguese Bull Fights.  The Carlos Vieira Foundation was hosting a bloodless Bullfight Festival to benefit Autism and Cancer.  I have never been to a bullfight before and I am Portuguese so I was excited to see what it was like.  This is a picture of me and all the guys from the team getting ready to watch the show.  20 of us went to the event and we had awesome front row seats to watch the show.

20120827-113437.jpg The fight was so fun!  I couldn’t believe how many people were there.  The place was huge and they didn’t even have enough seats for everyone.  The show was so cool.  We saw guys in the ring with capes with the bulls, guys on horses fighting with the bulls, and teams of people who jump on the bull and try to hold them down.  (I am sure all of these things have names, but I don’t know what they are) My pictures are really bad because everything was happening really fast.


I got a video of the guys that catch the bull… is kinda hard to see.  The guys wait for the bulls to run at them, they all hold him down and then they hold his tail while everyone gets out of the ring.  It was totally crazy.

I was really sad I couldn’t ride, but I had an amazing time hanging out with all my friends from the team.  Thank you Carlos for inviting us to the bullfights it was awesome.  Everyone will have to go to the next event the CVF has, they are totally awesome. Go to for more information, and check back often for new events.

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