Posted: July 23, 2012 in motocross, Pictures
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This last weekend I did a lot of training on the dirt bike I am taking to the Loretta race.  I was having a lot of trouble riding the bike and the suspension was not the way I liked it.  Matt and the guys from BOSS Cycle Sports worked on it several times and finally this weekend the bike was exactly how I like it.  I was able to get through the rough parts of the track and the bike sat down just the way I like it in the corners.  Thanks guys!

After testing on Saturday we headed out to the Turlock Faire to support my 51 FIFTY team that was racing.  I really wanted to race with them, but the team was supportive of me getting my bike ready for Loretta’s first.  It was so much fun to watch the guys race and to hang out with the team.  During a few races I sat in the announcers booth with Gary and I was able to plug my 51 FIFTY – Moto Efx team…. talk about the races and the energy drink, and I had a front row seat for the action.

All the guys did really well and I was so excited to watch them ride.  Tilford, Plouffe, and Fields put on a great show!

It was nice to be able to talk to the riders and they team about racing tips during the day and we also had so much fun being silly.

I got my new TLD helmet from Larry at Moto Efx and it looks so sick wrapped like the team with 51 FIFTY.

I will be getting my new Loretta graphics soon…….I can’t wait to show them to you! 

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