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Those of you who watch me ride often know that there has been a difference in the way I ride recently. Usually my bikes are really hard to control on the track and I always look like I am working a lot harder than some of the other kids. I have had every suspension company known work on my bikes and I always have the same problems. I just learned how to ride with a bike that’s always out of control.

Recently I was soooo lucky to have Matt from BOSS CYCLE SPORTS work on my bikes. I didn’t know that the suspension could be so smooth. My bikes feel so different that it is like riding a completely different bike. I have had people watching me say I look really smooth on my bike….which is because I usually never look smooth.

I could never thank BOSS Cycle Sports enough!

Anyone looking for some help with your bikes you have to give them a call at 209-526-BIKE and the are located in Modesto.

You could also follow them on Facebook at BOSS Cycle Sports

Give Matt a call and give him a chance to help you look like a BOSS !

209-526-BIKE (2453) 

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