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His name is Doctor Miller…….Some people call him Doc Hollywood…….I call him The Magic Man!

My family has been going to Doctor Miller for many years.  When my Sisters played sports and they got injured he was always able to get their injuries to heal faster than normal.  Whenever I get injured I can always call him and he is there for me.  He does amazing treatment procedures that speed up the healing process and before you know it, I’m all better.

Doctor Miller does sports therapy and treats many athletes including the S.F. Giants and the S.F. 49ers, and many dirt bike riders.  He heals muscles, tendons, ligaments, and inflammation by using electro sound waves, pulse therapy, message, and more.

This last weekend when I hurt my hand, the first thing I did was call my friend…Dr. Miller.  While I was in his office he did treatment on my knee, elbow and hand.  First he put ice on all three and got everything really cold.

Then during this session he did electro sound waves, in different amounts of intensity, to all three areas

He finished up with massage, traction, and a trigger gun.  He sent me home with some things to work on and then another appointment in a couple of days.

Dr. Miller is amazing and totally fun and nice and I recommend you call him if you have any injuries.

Dr. Miller

Antioch, CA


  1. Minister T. Kehaulani Johnston says:

    He is Most Assuredly a BLESSING. If it had not been for him and the Family of Miller Chiropratic the last year of My Babies life would have been much Different. Through their Love, Dedication, and Belief in GOD they changed My Babies Quality of Life. GOD BLESS THE MILLER CHIROPRATIC FAMILY.

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