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This last weekend was Memorial Day Weekend and my family went to Hollister to race at the Hollister GP Track.  My Grandma and Grandpa decided to go with us this weekend and we were all excited to camp for the weekend.  We got to Hollister Friday afternoon, got settled and went to bed early for practice the next morning.

Saturday morning practice started at 8am and I was excited to get on the track.  The first round of practice went very well, I had really fast lap times and the track was really fun.

85cc practice

65cc practice

In the second round of practice I was again riding really well and half way through the 85 practice I took a fall and I was thrown over the bars.  I got back up and finished my practice and then continued practice on my 65 bike.  When the round of practice was over and I got back to my trailer I realized my hand was really hurting.  When I took my glove off I saw my knuckle was triple in size and was all purple.  I wanted to keep riding, but because it is my hand and I need to make sure I am able to hold on to my bike, my family knew that I needed to go to the hospital to get an x-ray.

After spending several hours in the hospital the x-ray showed that I had a small line on the growth plate on my knuckle.  The doctor said that I shouldn’t move my hand for a few days and then see how it heals after that.  Hopefully it will heal fast and when I follow-up it will be all better.

The guys from the cast room are really fun, but I would rather not see them again…..Sorry guys!  Instead of getting hurt I will just stop by and say HI.

  1. Schuyler Wetzel says:

    Saw your crash hope to see u back on the bike soon

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