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Because Sunday was Mother’s Day this weekend’s race was on Saturday in San Jose at 408MX.  Saturday was also my sister Hailey’s prom, so Mom drove to the track separately and stayed for only a little then left to help my sister get ready for her prom.

I rode really well, but I did make a mistake on my 85 race that really messed up my final results.  In my first 85 race I was in 3rd place and on the last lap I slid out on a turn they had just put water on in the back of the track.  I was able to lift up my bike and I worked really hard to get it started and I was finally able to get it started just as I fell over again.  By the time I got my bike up a second time and got going I finished the race in last place……I really wish my legs would grow!  In the second 85 race I rode well again and was in 2nd place….this time I was able to stay up and finish the race in 2nd place.  With my good finish and my bad finish I ended the day with a 5th place overall finish in the 85 class.

All 4 of my 65 races went really well, but I did have something crazy happen in one of my races…..  On my second lap I went into the back and coming out of a turn they were watering the track and not only did I ride through a huge puddle I also got sprayed with the water hose.  I was totally wet and it was hard to see through my goggles because they were soaked.  It was like 90 degrees so the water felt good, but it was hard to see through my goggles and because my hands were wet it was hard to hold onto the bike also.  I was able to finish the race and I still got 1st place but it was kinda crazy.                      

I was able to finish all 4 of my 65 races in 1st place.

My sister looked really pretty for her prom!

Sunday was Mother’s Day and we made it all about Mom.  I love you Mom!

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