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In my last post I said I was going to add some pictures of me riding at MMX, but when I got the pictures I thought they needed a separate post.

These pictures have the best color I have ever seen in a dirt bike picture.  The pictures were taken by Sebastian Lee and he does amazing work.  As I was looking through his web page, I couldn’t find a bad picture of anyone……maybe he has some shots of you.  He goes to tracks all over Northern and Southern California and you can view some of his pictures at  www.sebimagery.com

and just a few more…

Make sure you LIKE his facebook page at www.facebook.com/sebimagery/    You want to make sure you know the next place he will be taking pictures at and see if you can find a shot of yourself……he goes everywhere!




  1. Yea Yea, he takes the best shots of us quadders too!!!! Sebastion is one of my 2 favorite photographers!!!! Young Cross keep up the good work!!!! My son Alexander knows you from school. He will be with me the weekend of the last MMX, and made me promise we find you if your there!!!! I watched you at MMX for Alex, and i will for all races he cant make it to! Your awesome on a dirt-bike!!! Keep it up cause your doing big things!!!!! Keep it PINNED 71!!!!!

  2. elyssa says:

    wow! awesome!

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