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At the Wold Mini Grand Prix I was racing in three different classes.

  • 65 Stock – 35 bikes
  • 65 Mod  – 25 bikes
  • 65 Open – 64 bikes

Wednesday it was still  REALLY HOT outside and I got up early and watched some races and then got ready for my race.  I had only one race on Wednesday which was 65 Stock.  I did not have a good start and I DIDN’T RIDE VERY WELL.  I think I was kinda still in practice mode and trying to get a feel for the different sections of the track.  I finished the race in 7th place.

Thursday morning I was re-focused and ready for my two races.   THE WIND WAS BLOWING OVER 50 MPH and we were in the middle of A SAND STORM.  The sand was flying around so hard that it hurt when it hit you and everyone had to wear goggles to walk around.

The first race was 65 Open with kids up to 12 years old.  I didn’t get the best start again but this time I was battling and working my way past some riders.  I was moving forward and I TOOK A REALLY HARD FALL over a double, double, double section and ended up with my legs in the air over my head.  I was able to get back up and going and pulled off a 6th place finish.

In the second race, 65 Mod, I got a good start and was making a pass into second in the third turn when the FOURTH PLACE RIDER CROSSED INTO ME AND FELL ON ME.  I couldn’t get up because his bike was on my bike, on top of me.  By the time I was able to get up and get going I was in last place and was only able to get back up to twelfth place.

The part for my Dad’s track got shipped to the track so my Dad spent the afternoon working on our truck so we would be able to drive back home….I am so lucky my Dad is a mechanic so he could fix our truck.  He rocks!  I laid down to rest and fell asleep so fast….I was out.

Friday the weather was SOOOO COLD and it was time for round two of my 65 Stock race.  The start line is a concrete start and my TIRE SPUN OFF THE LINE and then I GOT STUCK IN A CRASH ON THE FIRST TURN.  I was stuck in the middle of a huge crash and it took me a too long to get back in the race.  I battled as hard as I could and I was only able to get up to the eleventh spot.  I was able to take home an 8th place overall trophy for the 65 stock class.

I had about a 10 minute interview on the radio that was really cool.  I was able to talk about my sponsors and thank everyone and talk about what I love to do.  It was fun when I got back to the pits everyone said they were listening to me and they said I did a good job.

Saturday I had three races and started out the morning with the 65 Open race.  While I was in line waiting for my race IT STARTED TO RAIN.  I was in some really great battles and finished up the race in seventh place.  Because they had so many riders in the 65 Open class, 15 riders from the two motos in division 1, and 15 riders from the two motos in division 2 transferred into a main event showdown.  In the main event I got a really great start and I rode really well but during the race I GOT A FLAT TIRE.  I continued to ride the best I could and tried not to fall to far behind.  I finished the race in eleventh place which gave me a 10th place overall finish.

In the 65 Open class I started out the race with a great start and was in second place.  I continued to put pressure on the leader in each turn and we had a really fun battle.  The two of us continued to battle and we continued to pull away from the rest of the riders.  Going up the up-hill on the last lap I gained on the leader and as I went across the top to go down the hill I STALLED MY BIKE.  I was able to get it started quickly and continue riding and because we were out so far from the other riders I still finished in 2nd place.  Because of my crash and bad finish in the first race, I finished with a 5th place overall.

Two top 10 finishes and a top 5 finish……not bad for all that went wrong in the process.  After the first couple of races I felt like I was back to myself and had so much fun battling.  It was crazy because everyday I rode on different track conditions in different weather.  It was super hot, just right, very windy, sandy, cold, and raining.  I learned a lot over the week and can’t wait till the next National Event.

  • 65 Stock – 35 bikes – 8th OVERALL
  • 65 Mod  – 25 bikes – 5th OVERALL
  • 65 Open – 64 bikes – 10th OVERALL
  1. austin says:

    i see you got a new sponsor of 51fifty i am getting back on the bike just asking should i get a ktm 65 2 stroke?

  2. This is #299 Haruki from Japan. We were very very happy to meet you in WMGP! Thank you for your kindness and we hope to see you again !

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