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Last week was the World Mini Grand Prix in Mesquite Nevada….which is actually in Little Field Arizona.  The World Mini Grand Prix has been run for the last 40 years and is a week-long event where the top riders come from as far as Hawaii, Japan, Alaska, etc.

At the last-minute I wasn’t sure that I was going to make the race because MY SISTER HAILEY WAS IN THE HOSPITAL.  I was so worried about Hailey and after a full day and night of medication and tests the doctors released her and said she would get better…I am so happy Hailey is finally feeling better!

My family woke up Easter morning and spent some time together as a family and finished getting things ready for our trip to World Mini’s.  We left for the track around lunch time and I was super excited to see what the track was going to look like.  Half way through our trip OUR TRUCK BROKE DOWN.   My Dad was able to drive very carefully, and slowly, and we got to the track at about 2AM.  We had to sleep in a field outside the track until the gates opened in the morning and there was already of ton of people in line.

First thing in the morning the gates opened and we had to wait for our turn to park inside the track.  After several hours of moving people, it was finally our turn and we were inside.  While we were getting settled we saw smoke from the front gate and we realized that THE SIGN IN TRAILER WAS ON FIRE.  Before we knew it the fire department was on the scene and they quickly put out the fire, which they said was caused by something electrical.

We woke up Tuesday morning and it was time to practice.  It was very hot outside and the track got really dry.  I ONLY GOT 8 LAPS OF PRACTICE on the track.  It was really difficult for me to figure out the track.  After being off the bike for over a month and having only two days of practice before going to World Mini’s, I think I was more off than I realized.  With two 4 lap sessions of practice I figured out the layout of the track, the deep sand and hard sections, and worked on some turns, but I couldn’t get my rhythm down on the jumps.

Because the closest hospital is about two hours away, they have to have a helicopter on site during the races.  The helicopter was parked right next to us and it was really cool to watch it take off and land throughout the day.

To Be Continued………


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