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Saturday I spent the day helping my Dad work on bikes and we started packing to go to the World Mini Grand Prix that was coming up.  Saturday afternoon my Dad took me to Stockton 99 Speedway to cheer on Larry from MotoEfx and Carlos from 51 Fifty Energy Drink.  The race was soooo fun!  Larry and Carlos gave us pit passes and I got to hang out with the teams.

MOTO EFX:  Larry and the Moto Efx team had wrapped like every car and hauler that was in the pits.  The whole place looked amazing with the coolest graphics.  Larry’s rider, Jacob Gomes who drives the number 16 Sunnyvalley Meats car, made the race look too easy.  He qualified first but because of the starting draw he started the race in fourth.  Before long he took the lead and never looked back.  Larry and his family let me hang out in the center of the track with them and I even got to wear the ear phones to listen to the team communication.  THANK YOU MOTOEFX!

51 FIFTY: Carlos is the driver for the 51 Fifty Energy Drink car and he drove the wheels off his car.  The team had problems with the car just before practice and got no testing time on the track.  He was able to pull out a thirteenth qualifying position which was amazing.  Carlos definitely passed the most cars of the night.  The track was really difficult to pass on and Carlos battled all the way to fifth.  What an amazing drive to the front!  After the race I hung out in the pits more with the teams and before I left Carlos hooked me up with banners and drinks to take to the World Mini Grand Prix.  THANK YOU 51 FIFTY!



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