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I have been having pain in my elbow for a while.  The other day I got an MRI to see if the doctor’s could find anything wrong with my elbow.  (See my MRI sticker on my shirt)

The MRI came back and the doctor said that I have a torn UCL in my elbow.  After I spoke with the doctor I called my friend and miracle worker for athletes…..Dr. Miller.

Dr. Miller had a treatment plan all ready for me to get me back on my bike in a quarter of the time and speed up the healing process of my UCL.

First it was pulse therapy with ice.  It felt so strange because my arm muscle was moving all my itself….it was so weird.

Then it was time for hot wax.  He covered my arm in hot wax and then wrapped it and let it set for a while.  It was so cool when he peeled off the wax, it was like a layer of my skin.

The final step was medicine and ultrasound.  The medicine smelt really bad and the ultrasound hurt a little but when he was done my arm felt so much better already.

I followed up with some home treatment including ice and heat and then more appointments with Dr. Miller.

I am doing everything the doctor ordered so I will be back on my bike soon.

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