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This last weekend was the last round of the Gold Cup Series in Los Angeles and the race was at Pala Raceway.  I had never been on the race track and I was excited to race on a new track.

The track was sandy, had a lot of fast turns and a lot of tight turns with a few jumps.  A couple of the jumps were kinda big and they were totally fun.  When I was going over one of the big jumps the bike in front of me rolled it as I jumped it and he was riding closer and closer to me and I had to try to move my bike over in the air….luckily when I landed we just missed each other.

Only one other rider was clearing this jump and he was in the older class.

In my 65 open class I was in 2nd place 12 points behind first place.  I finished 1st in the first open race and didn’t have the best start in the second race but was able to fight back up to third.  I finished the day with a 2nd place overall finish which meant that I was 1 point away from finishing 1st in the series.  I finished up the series with a 2nd Place Gold Cup Trophy

I was entering into the final round of the 65 Age class in 1st place by 11 points.  I was up front in the first race and on the third lap of a five lap race I got a flat rear tire.  (Getting a flat tire is like riding a dirt bike on ice and it is very hard to stay up)  I did my best to finish the last two laps with a flat tire, but I wasn’t able to clear any jumps and I rode as fast as I could to finish the race in 5th place.  The second race I was able to finish in 1st place which gave me a third place finish overall.  …….SO, I was in first place by 11 points, I finished third place for the day, and because of the strange way they do the points……I lost the championship by 1 point.  I was bummed that I didn’t get the Championship, but I learned a lot, had a ton of fun, and was very proud of my 2nd Place Gold Cup Trophy.

I am not holding the trophies because they are sooooo heavy!

I had a ton of fun racing new tracks and traveling to Los Angeles to ride new tracks and race different people.  I look forward to racing more at new places with new riders in the future.

  1. elyssa says:

    I know it was a rough weekend but you stuck it out and a second place overall finish is awesome! We are so proud of you!

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