part3 – THE RACE

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

The race in Los Angeles was as the Perris Motocross Track.  Practice was crazy because there was a ton of bikes….  they had 54- 65cc dirt bikes and 38 – 85cc dirt bikes.  They had some really fast riders and I had a lot of fun battling with different people.

I raced three classes:    65cc  6-8     –    65cc  Open    –  and  –     85cc  thru 11

The races began with light rain on and off throughout the day and ended under the lights late at night.  It seemed like every time I got to the line it started to rain.

The first round of racing I was a little off on my starts and I wasn’t sure why.  The way they started the races was something I had not experienced before.  They didn’t use a board….the guy asked everyone if they were ready and then ran in the house and dropped the gate.  After I realized how everything worked, my second round of starts got better.

65 Age races went well.  In both races I got OK starts and battled to the front.  In both races I was able to stay in front for two 1st place finishes.

65 Open race had a full gate of fast riders.  I got caught up in a huge crash on the start of the first race and couldn’t get my bike started so I took off in last place.  I battled through several bikes, but I also fell two more times during the race.  I was able to pull out an 18th out of 38 bikes.  The second race I got a much better start….I was able to battle up front and I was in third when I slid out on a turn.  I lost a couple of spots but was able to finish the race in 3rd place.  Overall I came in 9th place overall.

85 thru 11 I was pretty consistant in both races.  I didn’t get the best starts but was able to battle up to 9th place in both races.

It was really fun to race with some new people and to battle with a full gate.  A lot of my friends from Northern California were at the race and it was really fun to cheer each other on.  My trip to Los Angeles was so much fun!

  1. elyssa says:

    Wow! Those are big gates and huge air!

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