part 2 – THE ROAD TRIP

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Family Info, motocross, Uncategorized

So last Friday we were getting ready for our road trip to Los Angeles for my first race there.  It was Friday The 13th……My Dad got home from work and started to load up the van.  As he was loading things in he hit his head really hard on the edge.  The garage had blood everywhere and he couldn’t get his head to stop bleeding.  My Mom had to take him to the hospital and he had to get 10 staples to close the cut.

After a few hours in the hospital he came home and finished loading the van.  We got a late start, but we finally left for LA.  Luckily my seat in the van makes into a bed because we arrived at my Uncle Mikes house at 2am Saturday morning.

We got just a couple of hours of sleep at my Uncles house and then headed to Perris Raceway for the 8am practice.  After a day of practice we went back to my Uncles house to rest.

Sunday we got to the track for an 8am practice and then races started right after that.  I was the last race of the day and we were finished at 8pm.    As soon as my race was over we threw everything in the van and hit the road.  My Dad had to be at work at 3am so we had to get home fast.  My Mom drove all night and we got to our house at 2:15 Monday morning.  My Dad jumped in the truck and left for work and was able to get to work on time.  I was lucky because Monday was a holiday so I got to sleep in and relax all day.

To be continued…….

part 3 – THE RACE

  1. cheri says:

    Your familyis amazing, Hunter! You are awesome, and skilled, there is no doubt! But you have amazing parents – you are a fortunate young man!

  2. christine says:

    I have to agree with Cheri…so proud to see what an amazing rider you are…and to have such wonderful parents and an amazing family, you are one lucky kid! Hope your Dad is feeling better!

  3. elyssa says:

    you are awesome bro! and mom and dad are crazy lol

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