part 1…..THE VAN

Posted: January 17, 2012 in motocross, Pictures, Uncategorized

So last weekend I got a new van and all this week we worked on turning it into a motocross van.  My Dad, Grandpa and Uncle Mike put a wall and tie downs in the van.  I helped my Dad put carpet on the wall and in the front cab.  My Mom and Grandparents helped put the set and seatbelts in….it was a family project.  I have to thank everyone for helping my Dad with the van because in a few days it looked amazing inside and was ready to go.  We still have a lot of work to finish everything off, but we were at least able to put the bikes in and go racing.

I love the back seat of the van!  I can seat up and relax…….

Or I can lay down and sleep…….

Thank you Uncle Mike Cross for picking up the van and getting it ready for me to bring home!  Thank you Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Mike Piedade for all the hard work putting the wall in!


  • part 2 THE ROAD TRIP
  • part 3 THE RACE
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