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Last week both my Dad and I had the flu really bad!  Over the weekend we were feeling a little better and decided to go to LA to pick up the van my parents bought for me, for my dirt bikes.  When we got to LA we went to Lake Elsinore to practice and I was not feeling good again.  I was able to get on the track for a little but was not 100%.  The track was really cool, it is a newer track and they put a ton of money into the facility.

While we were there, guess who parked right next to us……Twitch and Carey Hart.  It was so awesome!  I rode on the track with them both and raced Twitch for a while.

After we were all done with practice I talked to them, they signed my dirt bikes, and I took pictures with them.

Even though it was really cool to hang with them, I was feeling worse by the minute.  On the way to my Uncle Mike and Aunt Jane’s house I got sick in the truck and my Dad had to pull over.  Shortly after that my Dad got sick again.

Saturday night was the supercross race and my parents got tickets for my family to go.  My Dad was so sick that he had to stay home, I was so happy that I felt better so I could go.

My Mom and the rest of my family and I had so much fun at the race….our friend was nice enough to help us get industry tickets that were totally awesome.  We didn’t have to wait in any lines, we sat with the riders and their families, and sat right behind the starting line.  First we walked through the pits and had a ton of fun.  We saw Larry with Moto Efx was in the 51Fifty Energy Drink Pit….he had wrapped their hauler, bikes, helmets, stands, gas cans, etc.  Everything looked so amazing!  Larry showed me around the trailer and introduced me to the team riders Chris Plouffe and Preston Tilford.  It was fun to cheer them on and watch them ride.  The 51Fifty guys were really nice also, I asked if I could try one of their drinks and they said I could if my Mom said it was OK.  My Mom let me try it because she thought I wouldn’t like it but it was sooooo good!  My Mom was mad that the drink was good because I wanted to drink a lot and she said I didn’t need any extra energy.  lol

After we hung out with Larry we went to our seats and watched the races.   We had great seats and it was really cool to see all the riders walk right by me and several of them sat right next to me.  We didn’t want to bother them, but I couldn’t help giving them a high-five as they walked by me.

The races were great and we saw some really good battles.  For the main event I sat right behind the starting line, it was so cool.


  1. elyssa says:

    That stinks that you were sick, but I am glad you felt better for the race. It looks like you had a lot of fun. Those seats were awesome. I agree with Mom, you definitely don’t need any extra energy!

  2. austin says:

    thats so cool hunter i saw that race

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